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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

November 8, 2005
UW Farm Headquarters, Arlington, Wis.

The meeting was called to order by president Jim Ward. Those present were: Tom Peters, Phyllis Tomaw, Dan Downing, Roger Ferris, Tom Tomaw, Jeff Kind, Jim Ward, Kevin Retallick, Roger Kreul, Dave Horstmeyer, Keela Retallick, Leslie Mindemann, Steve Wagemester and Ardel Quam.

Secretary Report: T. Tomaw moved to accept the August meeting minutes as printed. Mindemann seconded the motion. Carried

Treasurer Report: Financial report covering August through October 2005 was presented. Horstmeyer moved to accept the report. Downing seconded the motion. Carried.

Old Business: World Beef Expo Sale: T. Tomaw would like to thank the WAA on behalf of the WBE for sponsoring the Exhibitor party on Thursday evening. WBE needs to find a manager of the show so at the end of 3 years WBE would be doing the managing not Wisconsin State Fair. WSF grounds would still be available. Bolan had also mentioned that the judging computer program would be available for “rent”. Looking for someone that can manage and find sponsors for the show. Bolan will put together a job description. Expo sale was good and plans are underway for 2006.

Spring Sale: T. Tomaw talked to Burke about having the sale on a Saturday. They will work on getting S Crawford for the auctioneer. Cattle would need to be picked out by mid January. The fairgrounds at Grant County has been reserved for Friday evening through Saturday evening. Discussion on what time the sale should be. Horstmeyer moved to change the sale start time to 1:00 on Saturday March 18, 2006. Ferris seconded the motion. Carried.

Budget: Mindemann handed out copies of updated budget. With the current financial statement through October everything looks good and staying within the budget. Looking at perhaps approximately a $4000 profit for the year.

Recognition Points: discussion on how the points for the exhibitor should be tallied. If the family exhibits the animal the points are going to the “family.”

New Business: State Fair Meeting: Upcoming meeting wondered if any one had any thoughts about WSF. Horstmeyer liked how some changes have been made for release.

Annual Meeting: January 28, 2006 Mindemann reported on what she has done. Would like some discussion about the banquet that will follow the annual meeting. Will be having a silent auction that day/night and would like the board members to each bring something. Looking at having some raffle items for the day. Also will be having some fun games. Time frame- WJAA meeting at 1:00, WAA at 3:00 meeting- 5 –6:00 social hour – 6:00 meal- 15 minute break – close silent auction- announce the scholarships- Miss Wisconsin Angus- recognition awards- raffle winners. WJAA will offer childcare during the WAA meeting. T. Tomaw moved to subsidize the entire meal at the annual meeting if you pre-register cost will be $10 at the door. Horstmeyer seconded the motion. Motion carried. Board members Kevin Retallick has served 2 three-year terms and is not eligible for re-election. Leslie Mindemann and Jim Ward have each served 1 two-year term and are eligible for re-election. The vacancy from Kathy Burns’ spot is open. So 2 new directors and 2 are eligible for re-election. The nominating committee will be working on getting names for the ballots before the annual meeting.

Judge Nominations: State Fair nominations-- Ernie Wallace, MO; Bill Rishel, NE, Greg Butman, MN. Horstmeyer moved to close nominations. Peters seconded. Carried. Ballots were handed out and counted. Ernie Wallace 1st choice; Bill Rishel 2nd and Greg Butman 3rd.

WBE: Wes Hudson, AR; Doug Satree, TX; Mark Duffel, VA. Peters moved to close nominations for WBE judge. Downing seconded the motion. Ballots were handed out and counted. Mark Duffel 1st choice; Doug Satree 2nd; and Wes Hudson 3rd choice are the order of the choices.

Recognition Program: The St Croix Association does not run the Northern Show. Mindemann moved to drop the Northern Wisconsin State Fair from the Recognition Program. Tomaw seconded the motion. Discussion of whether this would take away some exposure. Voted on and carried.

Bill from Agri-View Quam will contact them to see if we can track this down.

Keela Retallick approached the WAA to ask for a sponsorship for the UW Saddle & Sirloin Club’s show Badger Kick-Off. Kreul moved for the WAA to donate to the Saddle & Sirloin Club $250 with $75 going to the Reserve Champion heifer and $100 to the Champion Angus steer and the remainder going to heifer class participants. Horstmeyer seconded the motion. Carried.

Committees: Audit committee: Books will be gone over before the annual meeting.

WJAA is looking at a fundraiser with the WCA at WSF. North Dakota will be hosting a regional leadership conference and WJAA is looking at participating in that.

Auxiliary: January 21, 2006 will be their annual meeting. Something new with the scholarship will be announced at the WAA annual meeting hoping to give the winners more recognition. The hospitality table at WBE was well received. The gift boxes have their order forms on the web site. Boxes will be packed at the Badger Kick Off, December 3, 2005 in Milwaukee.

Next meeting will before the annual meeting January 28, 2006.

Seeing no further business, T Tomaw moved to adjourn the meeting. Kevin Retallick seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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