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Updated 11/08/22

Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

November 7, 2006
UW Headquarters, Arlington Wis.

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Ward. Those present: Phyllis Tomaw, Tom Tomaw, Kevin Konkol, Dan Downing, Dana May, Dave Horstmeyer, Jim Ward, and Ardel Quam

Secretary report: Mindemann moved to approve the August 22, 2006 minutes. Konkol seconded the motion. Minutes approved.

Treasurer report: T. Tomaw moved to accept the treasurer report. The motion was seconded by Downing. Motion carried.

Old Business: World Beef Expo: T. Tomaw gave a report on the show. Every consignor has been paid. Floor was opened for nominations for the 2007 WBE Angus judge. Chad Wilson, Todd Herman, Bill Rishel, Brad McCurry and Tim Fitzgerald were nominated, Downing moved to close nominations. Mindemann seconded the motion. Todd Herman is the 1st choice, Brad McCurry 2nd, Chad Wilson 3rd. These names will be forwarded to WBE. Ward talked about the exhibitor’s party. He heard a lot of complaints. Tomaw gave a short report on WBE on this past year and the next few years. WBE is looking at reorganizing as it will be doing more of the show as Wisconsin State Fair administration will give up more of the reins each year. Committees will be doing more work in the coming years. Tomaw thanked Leslie for her work at the show in the show ring and the other Angus people that volunteered their time and work.

Budget: Mindemann handed out the updated budget that she put together. Amounts were reviewed. Figures look good for 2006. Income is higher than what was projected.

Annual Meeting: January 27, 2007, The Pines at Poynette. Tentative schedule will be: WJAA at noon, 2:00 annual meeting, 1:00 board meeting, social hour at 5:00 with meal to follow. Mindemann moved to have the WAA pay for the cost of the meal, tickets ordered by January 20 will be at no charge after that date or at the door will be a charge of $10 per person. Downing seconded the motion. Motion carried. Nominating committee report from Kind: he would like to have some feed back from the board. Ferris position needs to be filled. Horstmeyer and Peters are eligible for re-election. Kind has started putting out some feelers for board members. Anyone interested or if any board members know of someone they should contact him. Fund raising: Mindemann thinking of doing the card game again. Board members plus any member are encouraged to bring something for the fund-raisers/silent auction.

Konkol gave a report on his research for out going board members. Mindemann moved to allot Konkol up to $50 per retiring board member. Downing seconded the motion. Carried.

Audit: Downing will check with someone he knows about doing the audit. T. Tomaw moved to have approximately $200 put aside to audit the books. If Downing’s connection doesn’t work out, Quam thought she knew of someone.

Newsletter: What is the board’s thoughts about the Agri-View newsletter? Konkol moved to continue the newsletter as it is for 1 more year with the same payment schedule. T. Tomaw seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Website: Konkol presented business cards that were printed up advertising the WAA on the front and the Web site on the back. We need to get links for our website. Make it interesting enough to draw people to our website. Mindemann would like to add news to our website. Would also like to have what is in the newsletter on the website. He will have a presentation for the annual meeting. WCA representative—Kevin Konkol has volunteered to fill that position.

New business: Country Lane Farm will host the Field day in 2007. Will try and have a date to be announced at the annual meeting.

Spring Sale: Tomaw will head it up; anyone that would like to go on the tour is welcome to come along usually go in January. The get together on Friday night at the fairgrounds will be continued. Mindemann will put together a survey about an Angus feeder sale. It will be mailed out with the annual meeting notice.

Request from the UW Madison Saddle and Sirloin Club for sponsorship for the Badger Kick Off Show in December. Horstmeyer moved to provided $250 to the club for the Angus division. T. Tomaw seconded the motion.

Committee reports: Auxiliary report: hospitality table at WBE is so popular they can’t get everything on the table.

Mindemann moved to adjourn the meeting. Downing seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,


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