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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting
November 3, 2004
Marda Angus Farms, Lodi

The meeting was called to order by president Jim Ward. Those present were: Kevin Retallick, Roger Ferris, Tony Weber, Brad Ketterhagen, Kathy Burns, Scott Bayer, Phyllis Tomaw, Leslie Mindemann, David Horstmeyer, Scott Gaffney, Jim Ward and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: Ferris moved to accept as printed. Bayer seconded. Carried.

Treasurer report: Weber moved to accept. Ketterhagen seconded the motion. Carried. Budget: Mindemann handed out copies of the updated budget. No questions- budget looks good.

Old Business: World Beef Expo Sale: Everyone was paid within the 30 days as quoted. Ward brought up for discussion if the board would consider having the show on Saturday morning then have about 1 hour down time and go into the sale. This could help the crowd for the sale. Ketterhagen moved to have the Angus ROV show Saturday morning, have a hour break then have the Angus sale. Bayer seconded the motion. Carried. Bayer raised the question about continuing to have the Hall help with the sale for 2%. World Beef Expo has a flat rate of 12%. The communication between the WBE and the Hall was not very good. Would having 2 board members look at any brand new consignor's animals to screen them be a better option. The sale book needs to come out a bit earlier than this past year. Bayer moved to have WBE handle the sale entirely with the board of directors doing any screening if needed. Ketterhagen seconded the motion. Carried.

Web site: In August we had 152 visits, September we had 243 visits with 29 visiting more than once. Have had 1 request for a state membership directory from Montana. Updates would be available to be made once a month. Any updates need to be forwarded to Hartzell or Mindemann.

Meeting attendance: Weber gave a review about meeting attendance—after checking with the bylaws it was noted that attendance of meetings was not addressed. Article 6 would need to have an amendment to it to address lack of attendance of meetings. The object of this would be to have a full board in attendance and not have to worry about having enough for a quorum. Weber presented the board with 2 alternatives to wording. Mindemann would like to see the first presentation add: the board members would have the option to discuss and vote on the termination of a board member after missing 3 consecutive board meetings. This would be sent to all current members not more that 1 month or less than 2 weeks before the annual meeting. It would then be presented at the annual meeting and the full membership would vote on the bylaw changes. Bayer moved to accept the changes to the bylaws as presented as option 1. Horstmeyer seconded the motion. Mindemann moved to amend the motion to include: upon missing three consecutive board meetings, the board will vote on possible termination of that director. Weber seconded the motion. The amendment carried. Vote on the motion as amended followed - motion carried. The proposed constitutional change will read: Article 6 Board of Directors, 6.07 Meetings: c. Quorum. At least seven of the number must be present to form a quorum at a board meeting. A smaller number may adjourn to another time upon giving notice to the absent members of the time and place of the adjourned meeting. This majority can include the Auxiliary, Junior, Local or District Representatives. d. Attendance. Any director missing two consecutive board meetings will be notified of possible termination. Upon missing three consecutive board meetings, the board will vote on possible termination of that director. Any director receiving two notices within a three-year term will be terminated immediately. The board will select a replacement to fill that director's position until the next election.

Farm Progress Days: Horstmeyer talked to Meadow West who manned the booth and provided the cattle for 2 days. Jerry Lausted provided the cattle for the last day. The literature ran out after 2 days. Ward would like Horstmeyer to send a thank you to those who helped.

New business: State Fair Open Beef Meeting; Ward and Retallick attended the meeting, which was held the previous night. The steer show would like to see more classes. Hand vote to keeping the breeds required being 75% to be considered a "breed." Carcass show again- a jackpot both shows this would be done before the show with the champion carcass on display with looking at the champion carcass being in the sale a few years down the road. Question was asked if the Angus steer show should follow the fitting regulations set down by the AAA. Hand vote on whether the state fair junior show should stay with the same fitting rules as the rest of the steers. Clear majority of the board agreed that the WSF junior steers should all have the same fitting rules. A proposal was presented about barn capacity at state fair. This would be the open Angus show on the first Saturday of the fair. All Wisconsin exhibitors making entries would be accepted. Then out of state entries that exhibited the previous years would be accepted. Then finally other entries would be exhibited. Ward handed out a proposal. Bayer moved to accept the suggestions for the State Fair Angus show. Weber seconded the motion. Carried.

Annual Meeting: January 29, 2005 date has been set. Four spots on the board are up for election. Paul Beere, Scott Gaffney, Scott Bayer and Ken Hartzell have all served 2 three-year terms. Brad Ketterhagen gave notice that he will be resigning from the board so a spot on the board to finish out his term will also be open. Weber, Ferris will assist the nominating committee (Beere & Kreul) on recruiting nominees. At the annual meeting if we have a prepared bio to hand out or read would help. Weber will put the ballots together- if you get a live one for a board member you will need to submit a bio to Weber before the annual meeting. A silent auction along with the web banner ads plus the directory pages will be used as fund raisers. Mindemann will make sure that the banner ads and the silent auction will listed on the Web site.

State fair and World Beef Expo judges: Floor open for 2005 Wisconsin State Fair Open Angus Show: Mark Frederickson, MN; Bruce Keisewetter, IA; Vance Uden, NE. Ketterhagen moved to close nominations. Bayer seconded the motion. Motion carried. Results from the vote: 1st Vance Uden, 2nd Mark Frederickson, and 3rd Bruce Kiesewetter
Open nominations for Beef Expo: Scott Schaake, KS; Mark Duffel, VA; Troy Thomas, SD; Brian Barragree, MT. Retallick moved to close nominations. Ketterhagen seconded the motion. Carried. The results are in order: 1st Troy Thomas, 2nd Brian Barragree and 3rd Mark Duffel.

Seeing no further business, Ketterhagen moved to adjourn the meeting. Gaffney seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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