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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

October 26, 2010
Raemisch Implement, Deforest, Wis.

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Hawthorne. Those present were: Jim Hawthorne, Dan Downing, Scott Gaffney, Andy Mindemann, Dennis Schlimgen, Jackie Bevan, Cody Quam, Kathy Miller, Steve Wagemester, Kevin Konkol and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: Downing moved to accept the minutes with the addition of Jeff Kind listed in attendance. Jentz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Question of whether the directory was finished up for the year. It was reported that it has not. Downing moved to accept the report. Schlimgen seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business:
State Fair: General talk was that it was good.
Field day: Nice day, program, weather and hospitality. Hawthorne doesn't have anyone definite for 2011.
World Beef Expo: WAA provided the Premier Exhibitor and Premier Breeder awards. The sale was a little weak at the end. Audit Downing and Quam will work it out and the time line time line.

Annual meeting: February 12, 2011 is the date. Downing moved to charge every person attending the annual meeting will pay $5.00 for the meal. When A Quam gets all the information for the annual meeting/meal she will forward that information to all board members.

New steer and heifer programs- clarification of who/what sales are eligible to nominate animals. Hand vote taken on where the heifers eligible for the program will be those that go through the World Beef Expo and Spring sale only. Steers will be nominated by a WAA member.

New Business: Jentz moved to bring to the general membership at the 2011 annual meeting a bylaw change. Seconded by Gaffney. Motion carried. The current bylaw article reads: 4.01 Qualifications a. Any member who fails to pay his or her dues for any fiscal year shall automatically cease to be a member. Dues shall be twenty ($20) per year. The change to be presented will be: Dollar amount of dues will be set by the board of directors.

Directors- Four spots are up on the board. Wagemester, Kind and Downing are going off the board. They have each served 2 three year terms. Heagle has served 1 3year term and is available for re-election. Names of candidates can be forwarded to Steve Wagemester.

Committee reports: Bevan- send anything to her to get on the website. She tries to do updates when she has enough to warrant.

Downing moved to sponsor the champion Angus heifer at the 2010 Badger Kickoff Classic. If that sponsorship is not available then no sponsorship provided. Bevin seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Association reports: Auxiliary report from Kathy Miller- is going to be sending out a letter to all American Angus Association members about the auxiliary gift boxes and membership in the Wisconsin Auxiliary.

Other business: Bevin reported on the UW-Platteville beef animal facilities. They are running a fund raising $3.9 million program. The foundation is doing this sponsorship. They are looking at enlarging the herd and also laboratory classroom. Would like to have the entire beef breed associations become a sponsor. Breaking ground May 2012. Would like to promote a $5000 pledge with a 5 year maximum time to pay it. Or the other option would be $2500 over 5 years. Being a sponsor would enable the WAA to use the facilities at a discount.

Seeing no further business Konkol moved to adjourn the meeting. Kind seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be February 12, 2011 around noon before the start of the 2011 annual meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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