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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting
August 18, 2004
Marda Farms, Lodi

The meeting was called to order by president Jim Ward. Those present were: Leslie Mindemann, Phyllis Tomaw, Scott Gaffney, Jim Ward, Tony Weber, Kevin Retallick Kathy Burns, Ken Hartzell and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: Retallick moved to accept them as printed. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report: Mindemann moved to approve the printed treasurer’s report. Weber seconded the motion. Carried.

Old Business:
World Beef Expo Sale:
Gaffney reported on the WBE sale. 29 head are being cataloged. Has been problems working with the WBE and the Hall staff. Had communication problems between all those involved. This would all need to be addressed for next year. Weber will assist Hartzell as superintendent. Will need about 4 people to help show day, lining up cattle, barn calls etc. If the space is available to display the sale cattle, like what was done last year, it will be done. Gaffney wanted to know how expenses occurred for any of the sales is addressed. Gaffney drove the entire tour miles this time. Would like to know how his mileage from this could be handled. Hartzell moved to have the travel expense for any association sale screenings come from the general fund. Burns seconded the motion. Carried. Weber moved to pay the mileage according to IRS amount.

Farm Technology Days: Chairman not present-but had reported that everything was under control and doing fine.

Web Site: Hartzell reported on the work the AAA has done on getting underway. The web site could be used as a fundraiser. His dealings have been with Angie Denton. Classified ads could be used as a moneymaker for the WAA. The AAA would bill and collect. The WAA would set the fee for the ad. They would require pre-payment for the ads. How does the board want to handle the banner ads? The cost would be $70 for a banner ad. Thought to offer the first banner ads to those members that have a web site. They would have this offer until the annual meeting. Mindemann will contact the Wisconsin breeders that have a web to offer them a banner ad at cost till the annual meeting. Gaffney seconded. Carried. Question was raised as to how much to charge for the classified ads. Mindemann moved to charge $35 for a basic classified ad, any additional special production costs to be paid by the advertiser. Billing will be by calendar month. Seconded by Weber. Carried. Hartzell will get it all in print and sent to all the board members so each would have a reference. Weber moved to have the minutes of each board meeting on the home page somewhere. Gaffney seconded the motion. Carried. The minutes will be forwarded to Angie at API to be put on the web site. At this time everything will be forwarded to Hartzell. Gaffney will contact WBE to find out when the sale catalog for WBE sale will be online. Ward would like to see the WAA page all on line by September 1st.

State Fair: Ward felt it was very good. Wants everyone to know about the premise id by the year 2006. Would like to have Terry Quam on the agenda for the annual meeting to explain the Premise Id program. Hartzell talked with Brian Bolan about state fair- if the board should have any concerns. Ward & Retallick- the state fair committee will get something together before the next meeting.

Quilt- fund raising from expo 2003 is finished. Mindemann has the quilt now and has paid for it.
Heifer from the state sale: All okay.

New business:
Meeting attendance – some board members have not in attendance. Mindemann and Weber will put together a proposal for any changes to the meeting attendance and the active association.

Ward will be sending out letters to new AAA members inviting them to join WAA.
Gaffney moved to have the president send a letter to all the new AAA members living in Wisconsin offering to join now in 2004 for the annual dues of $20 they will covered through 2005. Weber seconded.

Auxiliary: Tomaw talked to Bolan- WBE will give them $100 for the hospitality at the beginning of the sale. Some Auxiliary members helped at the Beef Day at Wisconsin State Fair. They helped hand out samples and talked to consumers about beef. Mindemann reported that the Auxiliary will be giving out a $500 scholarship at the WBE show. This is for any post high school student.
WJAA: They won an award from the National Junior Association for the Lead conference they hosted.

Preview Show: by submitting the list of entries to the AAA we will eligible for monetary support from the AAA. This would be about $300. The WJAA would also be eligible, as could the Southwest Show. An open show needs 50 head of cattle; a junior show would need 15 head. This should be looked at for future shows.

Next meeting date is November 3rd 7:00 pm. At Marda Angus Farms.

Seeing no further business, Weber moved to adjourn the meeting. Gaffney seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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