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Updated 11/08/22

Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

July 28, 2009
Marda Angus Farm, Lodi

The meeting was called to order by President Kevin Konkol. Those present were: Kevin Konkol, Dan Downing, Scott Gaffney, Tony Weber, Jim Hawthorne, Bailey Quam, Dennis Schlimgen, Dustin Henningfeld, Casey Jentz, Dale Heagle and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: Downing moved to accept the minutes. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Jentz moved to accept the report. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried. Motion carried.

Old Business: Open Preview no report from Kind. General consensus was that the show went good.

Farm Tech Days: Waterloo – Heagle headed up this project-Mike Chadwick organized it and had Crystal Schuster provided the cow calf on display. Had good crowds and handed out quite a bit of literature.

State Fair: Henningfeld will have the stained glass that he has made and is donating to WAA for auction at WBE at WSF for display during the open show.

Committee reports: Fund raising- on a whole fund raising seems to be down. Will be reminding everyone to start now to plan on bringing items for the silent auction.

Spring Sale: Henningfeld moved to table discussion on sale management/spring sale. Seconded by Weber.

Committee reports:
WJAA: Bailey Quam was in attendance. She gave a over view of what the WJAA had been doing the past year.

WCA- Jentz gave report from their meeting. The annual meeting will be at Cranberry Lodge, Tomah in February. Steak trailer is looking for workers at state fair.

Annual meeting: nothing has been selected- continuing to look for the most suitable place to have the meeting (cost/area). October 27, 2009 next meeting date.

Seeing no further business Hawthorne moved to adjourn the meeting. Weber seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,
Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative

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