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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

May 20, 2008
UW Arlington Headquarters, Arlington

The meeting was called to order by president Leslie Mindemann. Those present were: Leslie Mindemann, Aaron Galbreath, Dale Heagle, Tony Weber, Kathy Miller, Jim Ward, Kevin Konkol, Dan Downing, Scott Gaffney, Jeff Kind, Tom Tomaw, Steve Wagemester, Jim Hawthorne and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: Minutes from the March 15, 2008 meeting were emailed to all board members. Weber moved to accept the secretary's report. Downing seconded the motion and motion carried.

Treasurer report: Downing moved to accept the treasurer's report. Weber seconded the motion and carried.

Old Business: State Sale: Tom Tomaw was invited to the meeting to discuss things that went on during the sale. Had some issues on animals that were supposed to be bred and others that were to be open were bred. The buyers and consignors don't seem to be talking. Tomaw thinks the association needs to get some prestige back into the sale. He feels that open heifers and bulls need to be halter broke. Bred females need to be pregnancy checked with papers stating how long. Bulls need to be 1 year of age at the date of the sale and required to be semen checked. Two letters were sent to all consignors in the sale explaining all the issues that need to be addressed. Ward moved to have letter sent to the seller and a copy to the AAA rep to help resolve any issues. Downing seconded the motion. Motion carried. Mindemann contacted Cassady about getting information of where the Angus cattle in the state are located. Will have more information for the next discussion regarding our state sale. Tomaw also brought up the idea of each consignor seeing a copy of what will be in the catalog to proof read.

Farm Tech: There will be a charge for the tent this year. This will be included in the cost of Farm Tech Days.

Spring Open Show: Kind put together a budget. In the past the association has put up to $500 towards the show. Have not heard back on whether we will get money fro the AAA. Ward move to give the spring preview open show $500 to run the show in addition to the entry fee. Konkol seconded the motion. Carried.

New Business:
Committee: Question of why the judge for the open show at state fair was not 1 of our recommended judges. No one had a complete answer, however Quam reminded those present that the names were give to WSF are recommendations to WSF and that WSF has the final say.

World Beef Expo: Hereford, Angus, All Breed and prospect sales will be held. Sales will be start Saturday morning. Downing will be putting together a letter to state members asking for consignments for the WBE Sale. Quam is checking with Val Gaffney about the ad in the 2008 directory for the WBE sale ad.

Web site: Hawthorne working the website. New updates will be coming. In a past meeting the idea came up to have different board members write up an article to post on the website. Keeping items fresh and updated is always important. Has a list of things he is interested in getting up dated.

Budget: Galbreath handed out a tentative budget. Downing moved to have $1000 available for the exhibitor meal or advertising for the Angus show and sale. Miller seconded the motion. Motion carried. Weber moved to accept the budget. Downing seconded the motion. Carried.

Mindemann brought up information she received fro the Midwest Herdsman about being a link to their page. Ward moved to continue the $35 to the Midwest Herdsman. Gaffney seconded the motion. Carried.

Mindemann would like to have the board think about going back to having a newsletter being sent out directly to the membership. Hawthorne will look into having some links onto other sites. Check into if we have a contract with Agri-View for the current newsletter.

Committee reports: Konkol has called a couple different places perhaps to change the location, January 24th is the date.

Audit committee- nothing at this time.

Fund raising- will look at the same format as last annual meeting but a bigger room.

Feeder sale: Wagemester talked to Cassady and he recommended talking to Jeff Swenson. There is a concern about having enough cattle for a sale of our own plus the Badger Vac45 program. Different board members have had breeders asking if we are going to have a feeder sale. A lot of questions and issues still to be worked out.

Auxiliary report: Miller reported that the profit from the state sale food stand was about the same as last year. The desert auction was down about $600. Will not be doing the food stand at the Preview show which was a money maker for them. Cheese boxes did very well in 2007. The auxilairy will be able to help with the open preview show and Farm Tech Days.

Seeing no further business Weber moved to adjourn the meeting. Gaffney seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting is July 29, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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