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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 16, 2006
UW Farm Headquarters, Arlington, Wis.

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Ward. Those present: Phyllis Tomaw, Tom Tomaw, Jeff Kind, Tom Peters, Kevin Konkol, Tony Weber, Dan Downing, Dana May, Aaron Galbreath, Dave Horstmeyer, Steve Wagemester, Jim Ward and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: T. Tomaw moved to approve the February 28, 2006, minutes. Weber seconded the motion. Minutes approved.

Treasurer report: Horstmeyer moved to accept the treasurer report. The motion was seconded by Mindemann. Motion carried. Talk about moving some of the savings account into a CD will come back to this item at the end of the meeting.

New business: WBE sale—Ward, Weber & Tomaw each had received a letter from the Hall asking to manage the sale during the World Beef Expo. Discussion followed and decided to stay with WBE managing the sale. Entries for the sale are now online. This information about the Web site information will be announced in the newsletter and Web site. Mindemann will be working on some fundraising ideas for WBE. One would be steak fry on Friday evening, band etc. One idea would be to ask the different breed associations if they would like to subsidize an exhibitor party with breed members receiving discounted tickets perhaps. This is still all in the works. Another thing would be invigorating the Taste of Beef. This could be Saturday evening and Sunday. Downing moved to have Tomaw access to the $1500 that was slated for the field day to move to WBE at his discretion. Peters seconded the motion. Motion carried. Tomaw will relay to the WBE board that we would like to see the exhibitor party continue in some shape or form.

Old Business: Spring Sale totaled $72,720. 30 registered lots averaged $2,315. It was a really good sale for the state association. A sincere thank you goes to Roger Kreul and Sue Finley for providing for the meal and beverages on Friday evening. Weber moved to have the state sale March 17, 2007. Motion seconded by Downing and carried. Horstmeyer brought up the fact that he or any of his family has not gotten a spring sale catalog for least the last two years. This needs to be addressed before the next sale. We need to get more catalogs to members in the state. T Tomaw wanted to express his thanks to everyone who helped at the end of the sale in the tear down.

Membership letter was passed out that Ward had put together. The association will send out the letter, membership form and a directory to all the new members of the AAA.

Budget: Mindemann handed out the budget that she put together. Amounts were gone over. Figures look good for 2006.

Farm Technology Days: July 11-13th in Oostburg. Horstmeyer will find a breeder or breeders who would help with it in that area. He will be in contact with AAA to finalize things for the booth.

Preview Show: Peters gave his report. Bruce Kiesewetter will be the judge. The committee has attended a meeting with WLBA going over some of the basics. Thank you to the Kind family for again hosting a get together on Saturday evening at their farm.

Quam read a letter from Roger Ferris announcing his resignation from the board. Weber moved to accept his resignation from the board and leave his spot on the board open till the annual meeting. A letter will be sent to him thanking him for his time on the board.

Committee Reports: Ward put together some guideline as what the different committees should do. Any discussion tabled until the next meeting.
Ward and Retallick have been on the WI State Fair Beef committee. Ward will be stepping down from this committee. Horstmeyer has agreed to sit on this board.

Auxiliary: P. Tomaw thanked everyone for all their help at the dessert auction. They will be helping with the food stand at the preview show. The food stand will be open Friday through Sunday. They will be looking for any help for the food stand.

PR Department: Mindemann looking for any news. At one time there was talk about Angus family news on the Web page. New WAA member listings could be a nice touch.

WJAA: Konkol spoke on behalf of his son, Jake. The WJAA will put together an embryo and semen auction at WBE. They would like to have 1 or 2 lots in the Angus sale. They have been in contact with Brian Bolan from WBE and would work out a split of 70-30%. The 30% going to WBE to help with that show. WBE would waive the sale percentage for those lots. Konkol moved to accept this proposal from the WJAA. T. Tomaw seconded the motion. Motion carried. May gave an update on what they are doing. They will be holding their annual meeting at the state show in Jefferson. Have opened the mentoring program up again. Please contact one of the WJAA board members if anyone is interested. The national show is in Indianapolis and Casey Jentz is retiring from the national board at that show. Dana May will be running for a position on the national board.

Other Business: Discussion on the money that could be taken from the savings account and put into a CD. Downing moved to put $7500 into a 9-month and $2500 into a 6-month CD. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Mindemann has talked to Lori Dunn with CAB on a display at Nesvigs in Windsor. Would be looking for a clipped Angus steer to be on display.
Downing has a painter who has offered to do a painting that we could use as a fund raiser. She would need a picture to work off of. Direct any questions to Downings. She could have it done for WBE as a fund raiser.

Next meeting date is August 22nd at Marda Angus Farms. Peters moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Weber. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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