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Updated 11/08/22

Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

April 28, 2009
DATCP, Madison, Wis.

The meeting was called to order by President Kevin Konkol. Those present were: Kevin Konkol, Jeff Kind, Dan Downing, Scott Gaffney, Tony Weber, Andy Mindemann, Dennis Schlimgen, Dustin Henningfeld, Steve Wagemester, Casey Jentz, Dave Horstmeyer, Dale Heagle, Kathy Miller and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: Downing moved to accept the minutes. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Downing moved to accept the report. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried. Budget was presented by Weber. The board went over each item and put a value on items. Downing moved to accept the proposed budget as a guideline. Weber seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business: State Sale-Gaffney handed out the breakdown that was received from the Hall of Fame. Hall sent a letter thanking the association for working with them. Further discussion on the sale will be at the next meeting.

Jeff Swenson- WDATCP representative talked about the livestock marketing license issue. Livestock breeder associations have been exempt from this rule. Livestock slaughter fees he has received a lot of flack over this item. He is not sure what will happen to the inspector spots that would have been filled.

Farm Tech Days: Waterloo – Heagle is working on this project

Field day: Konkol will talk to Hawthorne about getting information about the field day for the newsletter. Quam will contact Cassady about getting the information packet about putting on a field day sent to the host farm.

State Open Preview Show: Chad Ward has agreed to judge on Sunday. A planning meeting will be held May 12th. Start show will be 9:00. Kind will be looking for help the day of the show.

New Business: World Beef Expo- The auctioneer will be Gene Schriener of Ohio. Swenson gave an overview of what the educational seminars will be. The Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary will be hosting a chili feed on Friday evening. The Angus judge has been confirmed as Dan May, Oklahoma.

Website: how can we develop its use? Linking should be important. Talk to Hawthorne about getting some links for the spot.

Committee reports: Annual meeting: Konkol has received a letter from a motel/conference area from Green Bay. Gaffney talked to The House on the Rock about hosting the annual meeting. What will the association pay for at the annual meeting? Mindemann moved to have everyone at the annual meeting meal pay $5.00. Jentz seconded the motion.

Association reports: Auxiliary report —
Fund raising- Dusty Henningfeld has volunteered to make a large Angus stained glass hanging. We will auction it off at World Beef Expo at the Angus sale. He will have it finished by June so that photos and advertising of it will be done (ads, website and word of mouth).

Feeder calf program- what is going on? Swenson talked about what has been going on in the state. The Badger Vac45 has been going good regardless of the size of consignment/sale. Keep an eye on the calves from bulls that seedstock producers have sold.

World Beef Expo- entry forms will be on the new, enhanced web site that will be unveiled June 1. New management and some new board members for the show have introduced some new ideas for the 2009 show.

Newsletter- will be coming out soon. Swenson will put together an article for the newsletter, Konkol will contact Jerry Cassady about an article.

WCA- Jentz talked about the happenings of the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association.

Auxiliary: Miller announced that they will be handling the chili feed at WBE on Friday evening. The auxiliary will be making the offer to producers/members that they could work a food stand at a production sale for a donation to their treasury.

Other business: Konkol received a letter from River Falls asking WAA to be a sponsor at their show. After going through the budget earlier in the meeting is was unanimous the WAA kindly refrain from donating to any groups this year. Konkol will contact them and let them know that we will pass this year.

Seeing no further business Weber moved to adjourn the meeting. Horstmeyer seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,
Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative

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