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Updated 11/08/22

Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

March 15, 2008
Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster

The meeting was called to order by president Leslie Mindemann. Those present were: Leslie Mindemann, Jim Hawthorne, Jeff Kind, Dan Downing, Tony Weber, Dave Horstmeyer, Roger Kreul, Scott Gaffney, Phyllis Tomaw, Dale Heagle and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: Minutes from the meetings before and after the annual meeting in January were emailed to all board members. Weber moved to accept the secretary’s report. Downing seconded the motion and motion carried.

Treasurer report: Kreul moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Gaffney seconded the motion andmotion carried.

Old Business: State Sale- The issue of a bull that was not good at the 2007 sale has not been rectified. Weber moved: if there is an issue about a non-breeding animal sold through a WAA sponsored sale the consignor will be banned from selling in another WAA sale until the issue is resolved. The WAA will follow the AAA rules on breeding soundness rules. Downing seconded motion.

Annual meeting: The crowd was down had 63 people go through the line. The total cost for the day was about $40 more than in 2007.

New Business: Open preview show- June 7 & 8, 2008. Tyler Rhode, Illinois; Alan Miller, Illinois; Jeff Bunker, Sparta; Jeff White, Menomonie were nominated for judge. Kreul moved to close nominations. Hawthorne seconded the motion. Ballots were passed out. Instructions were to vote for 3. Ballots were counted and the results of the top 3 in order are: Tyler Rhode, Jeff White and Alan Miller. Last year the cost of the show was $300 from the checkbook. Kind will put together a budget for presentation at for the next meeting.

Committee: everyone was sent a copy of the tentative list. Weber was on the preview show and will be out of town during the show. It was recommended to put Ward on the preview committee. Web site: Horstmeyer said he would decline from the website committee as he has dial up which is very slow. Hawthorne said he would take the website.

Seeing no further business Weber moved to adjourn the meeting. Kreul seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned. Next meeting is May 20, 2008.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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