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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting
March 9, 2005
University Sheep Farm, Arlington

The meeting was called to order by president Jim Ward. Those present were: Leslie Mindemann, Tom Peters, Phyllis Tomaw, Tony Weber, Roger Ferries, Dan Downing, Dave Horstmeyer, Kathy Burns, Roger Kreul, Tom Tomaw, Jeff Kind, Kevin Retallick Jim Ward and Ardel Quam.

Secretary report: November meeting minutes were moved to accept them as printed by Tom Tomaw. Mindemann seconded the motion.

Treasurer report: In future would like to see the Web income and disbursements kept separate from the other fundraisers. Ferries moved to accept. Weber seconded. Carried.

Old Business: By the bylaws we need to have an audit committee. Phyllis Tomaw and Steve Wagemester will serve on the committee. Will have a report by the next meeting.
Mindemann wondered how others thought about the attendance at the annual meeting. Tom Tomaw thinks perhaps a registration book to have a record of those attending. Mindemann wonders if we had something as a social activity to get more people together and get to know. Mindemann, P Tomaw and T Tomaw will look at this for the next meeting.

New Business: Spring Sale – Tom Tomaw reported that the catalog came out today. Some mistakes were found, a supplemental sheet would be mailed the next business day. Those that received the catalog by mail will receive the supplement also. Gaffney has had more requests for catalogs than other years. Jerry Cassady, Dave Geffert and Tom Rudy will be ringmen. Retallick reported that the barn and gates are set. Hand vote taken on the Country Club for the Saturday evening meal. Retallick will finalize things with the Country Club for the Saturday evening meal.

Budget: Mindemann will have an update on the budget for 2005 at the next meeting.
Burns handed out printouts about advertising Angus cattle in general throughout the state. She feels that the Association should be doing some advertising in the state promoting Angus cattle. Ferries moved to allow a budget of $250 as classified ads in Agri View promoting Angus breed and the association. Horstmeyer seconded. Carried. Burns will get this all going. Burns will talk to the AAA about getting flyers made that we can send to out members to have put up in sale barns and feed stores to promote Angus.
Preview Show: Peters, Kind and Kreul are on the committee. June 12, 2005, would be the open show. Open nominations for judge. Dick Burns, IL; Bruce Kiesewetter, IA; Frank Kaehler, MN. T Tomaw moved to close nominations. Kreul seconded. Carried. Dick Burns 1st, Bruce Kiesewetter 2nd and Frank Kaehler 3rd. Peters will contact Burns about judging.

Committees: handed out listing. Annual Meeting: A Quam & P Tomaw; Farm Technology Days: D Horstmeyer, S Wagemester; Fund Raising: L Mindemann & K Burns; Sales: K Retallick & T Tomaw (spring); T Weber & T Peters (WBE); Membership: J Ward & A Quam; Nominating: J Kind & T Peters; Field day: T Peters & R Ferris; State Fair: K Retallick & J Ward; World Beef Expo: T Weber, D Downing & D Horstmeyer; Open Preview: T Peters, J Kind & R Kreul; Web Site: L Mindemann & T Tomaw; Audit: P Tomaw & S Wagemester; Budget: L Mindemann & K Burns. Mindemann would like to have change on the Web site. Something like: bios on the board members. The first ones will be the president and vice president.
Fund raising- Downing will check with Konkol to see if he could make one of his mailboxes for the state sale.

Meeting dates: May 17th, August 23rd, and November 8th. Place to be determined.

Other business: WBE- Tomaw reported on the new happenings of World Beef Expo. The AAA is the only association that financially supports the show. Threw out the idea about sponsoring an educational seminar on Thursday afternoon. Weber moved to sponsor the exhibitor party on Saturday night with Tom Tomaw as chairman budgeting up to $2200. Downing seconded the motion. Carried.

Seeing no further business, Weber moved to adjourn the meeting. Ferries seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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