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Wisconsin Angus Association

2013 Annual Meeting

February 16, 2013

Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells


President Andy Mindemann called the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Association Cooperative to order.   The minutes and financial statements were passed out to everyone.


Secretary report:   Correction to the agenda.  Added under new business awards and fund raising.  Scott Bayer moved to accept the minutes for the 2012 annual meeting.   Dan Downing seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Treasurer report:   Dan Downing moved to accept the financial report.  Dennis Schlimgen seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


New Business: Spring Sale Cody Quam and Justin Diefenbach co chairmen of the sale.  Quam talked about the change of location to Black River Falls, Jackson County.  Sale will be 6:00 Saturday evening.  Any show heifer age females going through the WAA sale will be eligible to enter the Thaw show at the pre entry fee.


Website: Jenny Kilpatrick- went through the website and what the site can do for its members.  Kilpatrick would like any feedback on the website.


Newsletter:  Leslie Mindemann talked about the state newsletter.  Extra copies of the most recent issue are available if anyone would like some to share with others.  She would like to see it getting bigger. The newsletter will be running a special price for those having animals in the spring sale.   The next issue will be coming out in first week of April before the state sale.


Awards:  Wisconsin Recognition Program: will be announced during the meeting.

                        2012 Show Bull of the Year: LW 2J40 Lookout

                        2012 Show Heifer of the Year:  CLF Josaphine

                        2012 Cow/ Calf of the Year:  2K Pride 170

                        2012 Breeder of the Year:  S & R Angus

                        2012 Exhibitor of the Year: Lone Willow Acres


Awards presented to the top Wisconsin bred bull at each of the 2 state bull tests.  Mel Niemann presented plaques to: Lloyd Bork for the top performing bull at the Wisconsin Beef Improvement test in Platteville. At the St Croix Valley Bulls test, top performing bull was from Richard Case.


Farm Technology Days:  Dale Heagle reported on the 2013 show being in Barron County in July.  Please contact Dale if you would like to help.


Fund raising: A raffle and auction of  4 items -prints/picture- for the association was held and raised $1150.00


Spring sale: April 13th is the scheduled date.  At this time there are 21 lots.  The sale to be a success needs to have at least 40 head to make it feasible.  Tom Burke is scheduled to tour the sale cattle this coming week.  Please contact Scott Gaffney or Cody Quam with any questions about consigning to the sale.




Election of directors:  Cody Quam, Lodi and Jackie Bevan, Platteville have each served 1 three year term and are eligible for re election.  Jim Hawthorne, Westby and Scott Gaffney, Barneveld have each served 2 three year terms and are not eligible for reelection.  The floor was opened for nominations.  Sue Finley, Lancaster, Cody Quam, Lodi, Brian Nodolf, Livingston and Paul Nuttelman were nominated.  Justin Diefenbach moved to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for the four nominees.  Mel Neumann seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Heifer/steer futurity:  Becky Henderson presented the updated rules.  The first change would be the first owner could be a junior or senior Wisconsin association.  Entries are due June 1, 2013.  Cattle can be sold private treaty or public auction.   Please pick up an entry form for further details or check the website.


Association reports:  Auxiliary: Kathy Miller, president, thanked everyone for their support through the year. She turned the microphone over to Mary Kohl and Leslie Mindemann.  Kathy Miller was presented flowers as  out going president  The auxiliary will hold their annual lunch stand and desert auction at the spring sale, hospitality table at WBE and gift boxes at Christmas time are all fund raisers that have been successful in the past  and they will continue.  Jerrad Radcliff won the high school scholarship and Jessica Radcliffe the post high school scholarship.  Emma Berget was introduced as the outgoing Miss Wisconsin Angus and will receive a scholarship for her work throughout the past year.  Suzanne Henning is the 2013 Miss Wisconsin Angus.


WCA: Bill Hilleman talked about the convention that concluded  at the end of our banquet.  A good crowd was present the last 2 days. The speakers were enjoyable and their sessions were well attended.


WJAA:  Kelli Retallick National Junior Board member.  Reported on items that she and the reset of the national board have been working on in 2113.  Suzzanne Henning is the 2013 WJAA president WJAA and reported on what the WJAA is planning on this year. They just closed up their pork bundle fund raiser this year.  Contact the juniors for more information. 


AAA: Jerry Cassady Regional Manager of the American Angus Association. Membership and registrations saw another increase in numbers.  Angus Source in the state is his biggest participant.  He thinks the emphasis on DNA is growing. The accuracy on EPD’s are getting even more accurate.  Recognized Kelli Retallick for being on a great national board.


WAA: report from Andy Mindemann expressed thanks to everyone for the past year. He talked about the open preview show held in Jefferson in June. The board is always looking at growing the membership of the association.  He reported on his BLI in June of 2012 that he attended.  It is a four day program that is open to 20 breeders from the states.  The program started off with a tour of the American Angus Association office. He would recommend this to anyone in the state to apply.


Dan Downing: Wisconsin Angus Foundation report- formed the end of 2002,currently in that account as of December 31, 2012 is $56,104.03.  This seed money was started with money left over from the last national junior Angus show that was hosted by Wisconsin Angus Associations. The WJAA vote every year whether their $5000 they donated to keep it in the foundation.  The foundation will be meeting right after this annual meeting to discuss options for investing this money for a better return on the money. This committee will at the end of the meeting to go over a few things.


Membership concerns: None.


Silent auction will be closing at the end of the banquet.   Please bid high and if you are the winning bidder pay for your item before leaving. 


Seeing no further business to come before the membership, president Mindemann  entertained a motion from Scott Gaffney  to adjourn the 2013 Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative annual meeting.  Dan Downing seconded motion.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Ardel Quam


Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative

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