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Wisconsin Angus Association
2005 Annual Meeting
January 29, 2005
Rodeway Inn, Madison

President Jim Ward called the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Association Cooperative. Ward welcomed everyone to the 2005 annual meeting. The minutes and financial statements were available to everyone at the door.

Secretary report: Blaine Behselich moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and accept them as printed. Dan Jacobson seconded the motion. Carried.

Treasurer report: Ben Brancel moved to accept the financial statement. Roger Ferris seconded the motion. Carried.

Auction of the directory ads. Thanks to Tony Weber, Jerry Cassady, Greg May for their help with this great fundraising activity. Kelsi Retallick is the contact person for the directory.

Auxiliary Ambassador program: President Phyllis Tomaw introduced her officers. Mary Kohl explained the ambassador program to those in attendance. Bethany Kohl the 2004 Miss Wisconsin Angus expressed her thanks and did a recap of the past year during which time she was able to meet new people and be more involved in the Angus breed. Courtney Jentz and Kori Konkol were introduced as 2004 princesses. Haley Bockhop was introduced as a new Ambassador. Kori Konkol will continue as an Ambassador. Courtney Jentz was introduced as the 2005 Miss Wisconsin Angus.

Web Page: Banner ads location and time for the Wisconsin Angus Association web site. Location of the ads on the home page, the membership page (starting at $100) WJAA and the Auxiliary pages. On the WJAA and Auxiliary pages the proceeds from those banners on those pages will go to those associations as a fundraiser. Question raised about what if down the road would like to advertise on please contact Leslie Mindemann or Ardel Quam. Classified ads are also available cost is $35 runs for 1 month any extras (photos, etc.) would be charged at cost.

Election of directors: Scott Bayer, Scott Gaffney, Ken Hartzell and Paul Beere are not eligible for re-election as each has served two three-year terms. Brad Ketterhagen has resigned from the board, the remainder of his term will be filled. It is for two years. Tony Weber announced the names of those nominated. Terry Quam moved to close nominations. Ken Jacobson seconded the motion. Nominations were closed. Each nominee introduced theirselves to those present. Names were Mark Tremaine, Tom Tomaw, Dan Jacobson, Dan Downing, Jeff Kind, Dennis Kohl, Tom Peters, Steve Wagemester, Dick Stauffacher. Ballots were passed out- with instructions to vote for 5 people. The 5th person in the count will fill the 2-year spot of Brad Ketterhagen. After the count, the following were elected to the board: Dan Downing, Jeff Kind, Tom Tomaw, Steve Wagemester will each serve a 3-year term. A revote for the 5th position took place. Tom Peters will serve out the 2-year open position.

New Business: Foundation Report: Kathy Miller secretary/treasurer of the foundation. A financial statement for the foundation was handed out. The money left from the national show was put for future use. The financial is filed with these annual meeting minutes.

Association reports: WAA president - Jim Ward had all the board members stand to be recognized. Also thanked Jerry Cassady and Brian Bolan for all their hard work throughout the year for the cattle industry. Thanked the WJAA members for their work throughout the year. Congratulations to Casey Jentz on being on the national board. Thanks to Ken Hartzell for his work on getting the Web page off the ground. Great feelings were felt throughout the different areas and shows in the state. Ward is very appreciative to have the honor of being the president this past year.

WJAA President - Keela Retallick was the outgoing president. Dana May will be the 2005 president wasn't able to attend. The leadership conference the state hosted was a great success and planning another for 2005. Would like to commend the WJAA for all their work during nationals. Congratulations to Casey Jentz for serving on the national board.

Auxiliary president - Phyllis Tomaw, president; Deb Kind, vice president; and Kathy Miller, secretary/ treasurer.

Wisconsin Cattlemen’s president - Terry Quam will be finished as president of WCA in February. Explained to those present about the premise id number. A premise registration number is for the land and must be applied for by November 2005. The WCA is involved in some very important legislative issues dealing with agriculture. February 18 & 19, 2005, the WCA will be having their annual meeting and conference in Dodgeville. On Friday afternoon there will be a legislative meeting. Brochures for the meeting are available.

AAA: Jerry Cassady. 2004 has been a very busy year. Registrations, applications and memberships have seen another increase. Great to have Casey Jentz on the national board- he will be kept busy. Wish everyone a prosperous year.

State Fair Park and World Beef Expo - Brian Bolan went over some updates for this upcoming year. The racetrack will be leased out. WSF was very good, 105 head of Angus were shown. The show weekend that the Angus and Hereford share will continue. Vance Uden is the Angus judge. Not many changes for facilities in 2005. Tie-out times will change-- 6:00-6:15 the road will be closed then 6:45-7:00. Looking at some new off-site parking with shuttles available.

WBE: Thanked the WAA for allowing WSF to handle the sale. Changes for 2005: the show will change to Saturday morning with the sale following to early afternoon. Early release is available to those who want to leave on Saturday night after the Pfizer drive. Must be gone by 7:00 am Sunday. WBE needs to break even in 2005 or WBE will be gone. They are working hard to raise funds. Very close to turning the finances around to have a show in 2006.

Spring Sale: Tony Weber reported on the tour that was just finished. Majority are cow/calf pairs. Would like to see about 10 more lots. Need to contact the Hall to get the papers and footnotes to them by February 5th. March 20, 2005, is the date, Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster. Ward announced that the board had voted on handling the WBE sale in conjunction with WBE. There will not be a tour unless a consignor has a concern. Board members will work with those people.

Bylaw change: handout to all those present with proposed change for the bylaws. Mindemann explained why the change. Tomaw moved to accept this change. Weber seconded the motion. Vote was done by a show of hands. Carried. An updated version of the bylaws will filed.

Wisconsin Recognition Program:

2004 Show Bull of the Year: LW Improvement 3J03
2004 Show Heifer of the Year: AM Rusty Doll 320
2004 Cow/Calf of the Year: Fernvale Plowess 203
2004 Breeder of the Year: Lakeland Angus
2004 Exhibitor of the Year: Lakeland Angus

Membership concerns: none.
Silent auction has concluded. The “winners” were announced.

Seeing no further business to come before the membership, president Ward entertained a motion from Tony Weber to adjourn the 2005 Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative annual meeting. Blaine Behselich seconded motion.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,
Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative

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