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Wisconsin Angus Association
2006 Annual Meeting
January 28, 2006
Bud’s at the Pines, Poynette

President Jim Ward called the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Association Cooperative to order. Ward welcomed everyone to the 2006 annual meeting. The minutes and financial statements were passed out to everyone.

Secretary report: Tom Peters moved to dispense with the reading of the minutes and accept them as printed. Tom Tomaw seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Treasurer report: Kevin Bockhop moved to accept the financial statement. Dan Downing seconded the motion. Carried. Question rose as to how often money is put into a CD versus keeping in the savings account. President Ward replied that money is moved to CDs depending on the interest rate difference between the two. The board will be evaluating this at the next board meeting.

Leslie Mindemann reported on the silent auction and how it will work. The silent auction will close at the end of the meal. Feel free to bid if you can’t stay through the whole night. Dan Downing is running the 52 card game. Also have semen donations that have tickets for sale. Jeff Kind will be running the semen donation and tickets. Also have door prizes and those drawings will be throughout the meeting.

New Business: Foundation report: Kathy Miller gave a report on the Foundation Advisory Committee. A print out of this report is filed with the annual meeting minutes. An explanation of this committee is: they are members that are investing the money left from the last national show which is seed money for the next national show.

Web site: Leslie Mindemann talked about the Wisconsin Angus Association Web site. Some changes for this upcoming year. Banner ad will be $50 per month. Classified ads will be 90 days free if you are a member of WAA, additional days will be $10 per month.

Election of directors: Jim Ward, Palmyra; Leslie Mindemann, Sullivan; Kathy Burns, Almond; and Kevin Retallick, Glen Haven, are the outgoing directors. Burns and Retallick have each served two 3-year terms and are not eligible for re-election. Jeff Kind introduced the nominees. Mike Chadwick, Marshall, Aaron Galbreath, Oconto; Kevin Konkol, Menominee Falls; Leslie Mindemann, Sullivan; Dave Soldwedel, Oregon; Andy Strasburg, Marshall; and Jim Ward, Palmyra. Mindemann and Ward have each served one 3-year term and are both eligible for re-election. Ballots were passed out to members and collected. Floor was open for any nominations. Tom Tomaw moved to close nominations. Terry Quam seconded the motion. Ballots were collected and counted. The following were elected to the board: Jim Ward, Leslie Mindemann, Aaron Galbreath and Kevin Konkol.

Tom Tomaw gave a recap of the sale tour for the upcoming spring sale. The sale committee is still looking for a few more head. We have about 30 female lots and 15 bulls. Any additions need to be made in the next week. This year the sale will be 1p.m. on Saturday March 18th.

Association reports: WAA president- Jim Ward. Board meetings have been very good. We have had a great group to work with. The state preview show in Jefferson was successful. Wanted to thank the Jeff Kind family for hosting an evening meal on Saturday. The ROV show at WBE was the largest. The board organized the sale. Farm Technology Days was successful. Remember state sale date is March 18, 2006. Thanks to the board of directors for their work during the year. In February the AAA will have an Outreach Program Feb. 9th. Thanks again to everyone present for attending the meeting and hope everyone will enjoy the afternoon.

WJAA- Dana May president. The leadership conference the state hosted was a great success. The WJAA members were very active throughout the National show in Denver. May would like to commend the WJAA for all their work during nationals. Thank you to the Auxiliary and the senior board for all their support.
Auxiliary- Phyllis Tomaw, president, Deb Kind vice president and Kathy Miller secretary/ treasurer. This year sponsored two additional scholarships to graduated high school youth. Have supported the Juniors and WAA throughout the year. Helped the WCA at different educational functions they host. They use the money from the food sales and dessert auctions to fund their activities. Mary Kohl gave Mikayla Kind a gift for all her work as an ambassador. Kori Konkol is the 2006 Miss Wisconsin Angus. Kaley Bockhop and Bailey Quam will serve as princesses.

Brian Bolan, Wisconsin State Fair and World Beef Expo: Report from State Fair Park. In the next 2 years a motel and a strip mall will be built. The Pettit Center will also be removed from the WSF Park books. The Angus and Hereford shows will stay on the weekend. The judges will be combined. This year the judge is Ernie Wallace. WBE thanked the WAA for sponsoring the exhibitor reception. The financial struggle is still ongoing. In the next 3 years a transition will be made with management going to the WBE board.

AAA: Jerry Cassady 2005 has been a very busy year. Thanked everyone for inviting him to the meeting. We all know the Angus breed had a very good year in 2005. We all need to remember what the commercial industry and the consumer when they tell us what they want. The outreach program February 9, 2006, in Madison is set. Hoping that many breeders will be in a attendance. Staff from St Joe is coming to Madison to explain some of the programs and new things that the AAA is doing and planning . Open to any questions and if he doesn’t know the answer he will get one. Wish everyone a prosperous year.

Auction of the directory ads was held.

Wisconsin Recognition Program:

  • 2005 Show Bull of the Year:
    Mindemann Royal Design 425
  • 2005 Show Heifer of the Year: 2K Queen 384
  • 2005 Cow/ Calf of the Year: 2K Pride 613
  • 2005 Breeder of the Year: 2K Cattle Enterprises
  • 2005 Exhibitor of the Year: 2K Cattle Enterprises

Kevin Konkol addresses the meeting about the fundraising the WJAA talked about at their meeting. Kevin Konkol will be contacting members to put together a semen/embryo package. They are looking at ending this at the WBE hopefully. Recognition will be given to those who do donate and will be dually recognized.

Membership concerns: The Kind family will again be hosting a get-together the evening before the open preview show in Jefferson.

WCA: Gregg May talked about the conference the WCA will be hosting in February at the House on the Rock Inn, Dodgeville. Two sessions will deal with EPDs. The banquet will be Friday night, February 17th.

Dave Kilpatrick asked if a field day was planned for 2006. Would it be possible for the WAA to reimburse the Kind family some for the party at their farm in June. Perhaps even the WJAA could hold their meeting there.

Door prizes were handed out.

Seeing no further business to come before the membership, president Ward entertained a motion from Rick Mindemann to adjourn the 2006 Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative annual meeting. Roger Ralston seconded the motion.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,
Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative

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