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President’s Message

The Wisconsin Angus Association (WAA) is a member-owned cooperative for the purposes of 1) promoting the Angus breed at both the state and national levels; 2) acting as a networking resource for information regarding Angus cattle and locating Wisconsin breeders; and 3) encouraging juniors to participate in Angus projects. In short, our purpose is to connect Angus breeders, commercial cattlemen interested in Angus foundational genetics and work to ensure the future of the Angus breed through our Juniors.

We, as Angus breeders, must work together to embrace these goals and find our common purpose as an Association, regardless of our herd size or our location. We can accomplish this remembering some simple principles that attracted many of us to this breed in the first place; Participation, Informed breeding selections and Welcoming newcomers, especially our youth. In doing so, we build a stronger Angus community in the Badger State.

As the newly elected President of the WAA, my goals for our Association include membership growth, connecting breeders with ALL cattlemen and encouraging sound breeding decisions to ensure the future of the breed. This year, you can expect to see more proactive communication using email, our web site and a revitalized newsletter. Frequent visits to will provide you the most up to date information regarding sale dates and locations, show schedules and junior news. New this year will be a map showing you the location of Angus breeders in our state.

It is my honor to serve you as President this year. I encourage you to share your ideas or concerns about our Association with me or any of our board members. We have a strong group this year. Working together, we expect to add value to Angus breeders throughout Wisconsin and continue to make our Association stronger.

Jim Hawthorne

Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

January 23, 2010
Cranberry Lodge, Tomah
Before the Annual Meeting

Before the annual meeting a board meeting was held. President Konkol called the meeting to order. Those present: Kevin Konkol, Andy Mindemann, Casey Jentz, Kelli Retallick, Jeff Kind, Jim Hawthorne, Dennis Schlimgen, Scott Gaffney, Dale Heagle, Dan Downing, Jerry Cassady, Tony Weber, Dave Hosrtmeyer and Ardel Quam.

Minutes from the October 2009 meeting were handed out. Downing moved to accept the minutes from the October meeting. Heagle seconded the motion. Carried. No financial report was presented.

Hawthorne moved to bring up to the membership to change the dues starting in 2011 to $30.00. Schlimgen seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Gaffney talked about the upcoming spring sale. Tour will be the 24th & 25th.

Desk calendar will be available to write down dates for upcoming year. Konkol will ask about questions about the annual meeting- location- etc. Konkol thanked Horstmeyer and Weber –the retiring board members for their help to the board and the association.

Judge nomination:
Open preview: Scott Howard, Bruce Keiswetter, Mark Hoge. Downing moved to close nomination. Gaffney seconded the motion. Carried. Weber moved to contact judges in order of nominations. Downing seconded the motion. Carried. Kind will contact in the above listed order to judge the open preview shoe in Jefferson.

Wisconsin State Fair Open Show Judge: Dean Janseen, Guy Laughlin, Chuck Brost. Downing moved to close nominations and use the listed order as the order of contact. Mindemann seconded the motion. Carried

WBE: Nominations are: Dean Janssen, Kelly Schaff, John Grimes. Downing moved to close nominations and present the names in the order of nomination. Weber seconded the motion. These names will be forwarded to Sheila at the American Angus Association.

Audit: Downing handed out the report from Michael Gehr, Weber moved to accept the report as presented. Jentz seconded the report. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn: Gaffney moved to adjourn. Heagle seconded meeting was adjourned.

Wisconsin Angus Association
2010 Annual Meeting

January 23, 2010
Cranberry Lodge, Tomah

President Kevin Konkol called the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Association Cooperative to order. The minutes and financial statements were passed out to everyone.

Secretary report: Kevin Bockhop moved to accept the minutes for the 2009 annual meeting. Scott Bayer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Dan Downing moved to accept them with the correction of field day listed in expenses. Tony Weber seconded a motion to accept the financial report. Motion carried.

New Business:
Dues: Discussion about changing Ben Brancel moved to have the board of directors bring an amendment to the bylaws to the general membership body to modify the bylaws in regards to the dollar amount of the dues being listed in the bylaws. Andy Mindemann second. Motion carried.

Newsletter: Konkol talked about the newsletter that he headed up in 2009. It will continue with it but looking for some help with it.

Farm Tech Days: Roger & Beverly Peterson Family Farm, River Falls hosting it. The dates are: July 20-22, 2010. Dale Heagle is heading up this committee please contact him if you would like to help with it.

Spring sale: March 21st in Lancaster as of today looking at 35 head . Tom Burke will be selecting the cattle on Sunday January 24th & Monday January 25,

Website: Jim Hawthorne- talked about the website- would like to invite everyone to participate with the website. This year will be working with the juniors and the directory premier ads will be on the website.

Election of directors: Tony Weber and David Horstmeyer were presented with a jacket from the association as outgoing board members. Dustin Henningfeld of the nominating committee, introduced candidates: Jaclyn Bevan, Platteville; Scott Gaffney, Barneveld; Mark Goodrich, New Richmond; Jim Hawthorne, Westby; Paul Markhardt, Barneveld; Melvin Niemann, Edgar; Cody Quam, Lodi and Tom Steinhaus, Wisconsin Dells. The floor was open for nominations. Steve Wagemester moved to close the nominations. Scott Gaffney seconded the motion. Motion carried. Ballots were handed out to all paid members. After collecting and counting the ballots the following are the new board members—Jaclyn Bevan, Scott Gaffney, Jim Hawthorne, and Cody Quam.

Association reports:
AAA-Jerry Cassady- asked if everyone was happy that 2009 was behind them. Talked about the programs the AAA has. Wisconsin has seen a huge growth in the source verification program. CAB is still growing. Some new things going on- new website look. A more professional look, the heavy traffic areas were moved more front and center. NCE run was just finished up- so the EPD’s will be updated. and are items being used. Cassady will be around after the meeting to answer any questions.

Auxiliary: Kathy Miller president extended an invitation to anyone wanting to get involved with the association. Lunch stand at spring sale and desert auction the sale, hospitality tab le at WBE and gift boxes at Christmas time are all fund raisers. Recognized Kelsi Konkol as outgoing Queen. Derrick Horstmeyer, Mikayla, Austin, and Brendan Kind,& Allison & Claire Hawthorne served as Angus Ambassadors. Kelli Retallick received a national scholarship and was a finalist for Miss American Angus. High school scholarships and post high school scholarships are offered from the fund raisers they held during the year. Awarded the scholarships in 2010 are: Ty Bayer $800 & Kelsi Konkol $600 were the high school and the post secondary award of $500 to Bailey Quam. .

Kathy Miller: Foundation report- formed the end of 2002currently in that account as of December 31, 2009 is $53,103.02. This seed money was started with money left over from the last national junior Angus show that was hosted by Wisconsin Angus Associations. The WJAA vote every year whether their $5000 they donated to keep it in the foundation.

WJAA: Kelli Retallick reported on WJAA’s year. Spring sale, Wisconsin LEAD, shows, state show in June, July Georgia national show, Courtney Jentz placed 2nd in national showmanship. August- state fair. Some of the plans for 2010 are: a senior showmanship class with a $10 to be nominated- big $$ to get out of it. Planning a food drive in June. Thank you to all the parents and supports of the WJAA.

WCA: Casey Jentz- the WAA representative to the Wisconsin Cattlemen Association annual conference Feb 5 & 6, 2010 at the Cranberry Lodge. Informative speakers have been lined up should have interest to everyone. Terry Quam talked about legislative issues that relate to all those in attendance.

Auction of the directory ads was held. Thanks to Tony Weber, Kevin Konkol & Jerry Cassady for their help with the auction.

WAA: report from outgoing president KevinKonkol expressed thanks to everyone for the past year. The Angus world is something very special and has been a privilege to serve on the board and as president. Felt the board has good ideas dealing with the website and the newsletter in the hopes to keep all members abreast of the WAA happenings.

Wisconsin Recognition Program: will be announced during the banquet this evening.

2009 Show Bull of the Year: MSU Net Worth; KCJ Angus
2009 Show Heifer of the Year: LW Miss Copeland 1J58; LW Acres
2009 Cow/ Calf of the Year: Royal Georgina 255; shown by Miller Angus
2009 Breeder of the Year: Lone Willow Acres
2009 Exhibitor of the Year: Lone Willow Acres

Membership concerns: Leslie Mindemann, on behalf of the American Angus Auxiliary the state ranks 6th for number of scholarship winners nationally.

Jerry Cassady will be taking pictures of all award winners immediately following the meeting.

Silent auction will be closing at the end of the banquet. Please bid high and if you are the winning bidder pay for your item before leaving. The silent auction is the fund raiser for the WAA.

Seeing no further business to come before the membership, president Konkol entertained a motion from Tony Weber to adjourn the 2010 Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative annual meeting. Dustin Henningfeld seconded motion.

Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,
Wisconsin Angus Association, Cooperative

Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

After the Annual Meeting
January 23, 2009
Cranberry Lodge, Tomah

The meeting was called to order by president Kevin Konkol. Those present were: Jim Hawthorne, Kevin Konkol, Jeff Kind, Scott Gaffney, Andy Mindemann, Casey Jentz, Kathy Miller, Dennis Schlimgen, Dale Heagle, Jackie Bevan, Cody Quam, Steve Wagemester, Dusty Henningfeld, Jerry Cassady, Leslie Mindemann and Ardel Quam.

New Business: Election of officers. Konkol opened the floor for nominations for president. Jim Hawthorne was nominated for president. Downing moved to close nominations and cast an unanimous ballot. Weber seconded the motion. Jim Hawthorne is the new president. Hawthorne opened nominations for vice president. Andy Mindemann was nominated. Schlimgen moved to close nominations and cast an unanimous ballot. Henningfeld seconded the motion. Moton carried. Andy Mindemann is the vice president. Ardel Quam was nominated for secretary/treasurer. Henningfeld moved to close nominations and to cast a unanimous ballot. Seconded by Jentz and carried.

Committees: Hawthorne will be working on the setup of committees by the next meeting. Bevan requested to work on the website committee. Anyone requesting a specific committee please contact Hawthorne after the meeting.

Newsletter: Leslie Mindemann proposed to the board to head up a new and improved state newsletter. She has talked to Sue Finley about printing of the newsletter. She would do the rest-for 10% of the advertising. Henningfeld moved to outsource the 2010 newsletter to Leslie Mindemann and her pay would be 10% of the advertising in the newsletter. Heagle seconded the motion. Motion carried. Leslie will work directly with Hawthorne and Gaffney for the first issue due out in March.

Meeting dates: The next board meeting will be March 20th at 7:00 at the Grant County Fairgrounds. This is the evening before the association sponsored sale. All board members are encouraged to bring a dish to pass for the social hour that evening.

Seeing no further business Heagle moved to adjourn the meeting. Gaffney seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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