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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

September 24, 2016
World Beef Expo, Milwaukee

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Berget. Those present were: Jenny Kilpatrick, Sue Finley, Chris Thorson, Mark Schmidt, Jeff Berget, Courtney Jentz, Mark Tremaine, Casey Jentz, Leslie Mindemann and Ardel Quam. Jim & Kim Hawthorne and Jaclyn Clark, Director, Events & Education.

Secretary report: Kilpatrick moved to accept the minutes from the May meeting. Tremaine seconded motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Report given covering June through August. Questions were asked about the funds for the different steer shows at state fair. Has the WSF steer monies been paid- the answer is no because all the money has not been collected. Also questions on the state sale if all the money had been collected and all bills paid. Tremaine moved to accept the report as presented. Kilpatrick seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business: Jim Hawthorne talked to the group about a meeting held previously in the day at the Alliant Energy Center. The 2018 NJAA show will be the 50th anniversary. Could be a nice way to incorporate in to the next year's ads of the directory. Should be plenty of room for cattle- power will be a little short. Exhibitors should plan on bringing generators. Fund raising inside the state can be done now. Outside of the state cannot be done until the first day after the end of the 2017 NJAS. Nebraska had some breeders go together and donated the proceeds from a certain lot from their bull sales. Logo, budget, and sponsorship tiers should be set by the annual meeting in February. Wisconsin is in a gray spot using funds that have already been accumulated. Kelsi Retallick is the treasurer for the 2018 national show. Nebraska raised $350,000 for the 2016 show. Illinois is in about the same position in what they have for dollars as Wisconsin. Ads will again be sold in the show directory to raise money. The goal to raise about $225,000 could be what Wisconsin will be looking at.

World Beef Expo: 86 head went through the show ring to continue hosting the ROV show. Need to work on keeping the numbers up above it.

State Fair Show: $700 has been collected still has money to collect before the exhibitors will be paid. This could be announced during the WSF show to spread the word about what breeders are doing for the steer show. Fifteen steers were shown. The futurity show had only 2 steers entered in it.

Open show changes at WSF was better than anticipated. Showed by alternating breeds by each class. The WAA got $375 for working a shift in the Wisconsin Cattlemen's steak trailer. Members of WAA worked a shift Friday night 4:00 - 10:00.

CAB & CAB: Dusty Henningfeld - December 10th is the tentative date. He will be getting all information on this to the board shortly.

New Business: Annual meeting: The WCA Winter Conference is February 17 & 18th at the Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells. Concern about starting on time for the meeting. Mindemann moved to have annual meeting on February 18th at 3:00 with a cocktail hour and hors appetizers. Schmidt seconded the motion. Kilpatrick will help before the meeting. Mindemann will take care of the silent auction and she will call Heagle about the semen portion. The auxiliary will be putting more things in it to raise more money for their organizations. For the directory pages being sold in the 2017 annual meeting will be available at the 2018 NJAS. This should be addressed in the letter going out. Perhaps for $50 extra the logo for the 50th anniversary of the NJAA could be added to the directory ad.

Nominations: Justin Diefenbach & Mel Niemann have each served 2 -3year terms. Jeff Berget & Glen Davis have each served 1 3 year term. Glen Davis has moved out of state and has declined to run again.

Auxiliary: Mindemann reported on all that they have been doing. Hosted the shoot the bull event Friday of WBE. About 35 people in attendance. Went over well. Jim Murray provided the beverages and snacks for the group. At the annual meeting which was held earlier in the day had a good crowd. Have sent a budget for the scholarships to be given out in the next 2 years. They will be involved in the NJAA. In 2018 Wisconsin host the Queens breakfast during the NJAA. Their focus is on scholarships. Will continue with the dessert auction and the complimentary lunch and the photo contest at the state sale. At the spring preview show they will continue with the show harness in the beginner showmanship. Had a wine tasting which went over well. Will have the continental breakfast at state fair. Shared the brochure outlining Full Circle online Auction being done by the American Angus Auxiliary. Have committed this for 5 years. Net week will have an online auction. Kilpatrick do an email blast on Monday helping spread the word on the auction. If a Wisconsin member would purchase the Wisconsin donation in the auction the Wisconsin Auxiliary will give them 4 etched glasses. This auction is 50-50% with no sale expense. This allows more than 1 donor, allows smaller donations and smaller buyers.

Newsletter: Kilpatrick wanted to know what is happening with the newsletter. Mindemann has said the most recent one would be her last. Mindemann and Finley have been talking. Indiana has an email blast that goes out the first Monday of the month. Where do we go from here? Finley went back through the last 3 newsletters to see what the cost was $95 per page to print, mail. Finley will help to make sure at least one more issue is done if a new editor is not found soon. Monthly general newsletter and provide pdf newsletter, 6 digital newsletter with 2 paper issues. Insert in a publications- in Midwest Herdsman could be options to look at Cost would be offset by the advertising. Four pages of advertising then 2 pages of editorial. Charges per page would be charged if not enough advertising is placed. Kilpatrick would like to have a meeting the first week of December to get this all figured out.

Letters need to go out about the ads that have been sold for the 2017 directory soon. Berget will put together letter and send to Quam to send out.

AAA report: Jaclyn Clark reported the deadline for the national meeting is coming up please register soon. September 30th for hotel block. CAB is going to hit 1 billion pounds. Going forward focus will be on the commercial cattlemen. Her department is expanding- if you can think of anything her department could do more for our state please contact her.

Next meeting: November 29, 2016 at 6:30 at the Wisconsin Beef Council. Newsletter and by-laws need to be discussed.

Seeing no further business Tremaine moved to adjourn the meeting. Schmidt seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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