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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

June 14, 2016
Marda Angus Farms, LLC, Lodi

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Berget. Those present were: Justin Diefenbach, Jenny Kilpatrick, Jeff Berget, Paul Nuttelman, Mel Niemann, Courtney Jentz, Mark Tremaine, Leslie Mindemann and Ardel Quam. Also present were Sharon Niemann and Cody Quam.

Secretary report: Tremaine moved to accept the minutes from the May meeting. Nuttelman seconded motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Report given covering March through June. Kilpatrick moved to accept the report. Jentz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business:

State Sale: C Quam reported that sale has continued to grow with quality cattle and prices. Cattle went into new states from the sale. Sale is at a good number of lots. Are we ready to make the jump to bringing in the internet? It would be about $2500 cost. This will be looked at to see if it would be feasible.

Open Preview Show: Numbers were up. Do we need to up the late entry fee? We need to get the pre-entry done earlier. To get the show started on time the check in needs to be done by a set time. The committee will put together some ideas to go over by the next meeting. Jentz moved to leave it up to the committee to decide on the show in general. Kilpatrick seconded the motion. Carried.

CAB & CAB: Dusty Henningfeld shared a spread sheet with what he has gotten taken care of. Best option would be at Turner Hall. We have to wait until the schedule for the NBA and Marquette basketball. July 10, 2016 the schedule should be out. October through Mid-December would be the dates would be looking at. An article in the Angus Journal would be a plus. Will know more once the date is set. Will need some volunteers that day to answer any questions or to also help generally with work through the night. Once the date is set Henningfeld will email all the board members. Dusty will have Berget, Mindemann and Casey Jentz on all emails dealing with this.

Farm Tech Days: Cody Quam- July 19-21 Lake Geneva. Henningfeld will be providing the cattle for the booth. Kilpatrick will put out an email looking for the members that have the association banners. Will need 1 for Farm Tech Days. If anyone is interested in coming to help with the booth would be appreciated. Kilpatrick will send out an email blast looking for help.

Heifer Futurity: 2 heifers that were nominated were from an out of state membership. According to the bylaws out of state members are not eligible to enter animals in the steer or heifer futurities. Berget would like all board members look at the bylaws to be updated by the next meeting.

Steer Show at State Fair: Nuttelman is still working on it. Still working on getting donations.

Insurance: Chris Thorson is working on it.

New Business: State Fair Steak Trailer- Diefenbach went over the open slots that are still open. Kilpatrick will send out an email about the WAA working Friday August 12 4:00 - 10:00.

Auxiliary: Mindemann reported on all that they have been doing. The photo contest on display at the state sale went over well. Hoping that it will grow. Hosted the complimentary lunch. Desert auction raised over $3600. At the state junior show they gave out show harnesses to the beginners in showmanship. Had a breakfast on Sunday morning. Working with World Beef Expo to have a women's get together titled Shoot The Bull.

WCA: a board meeting June 20th nothing more to share with WAA board until after that meeting.

Casey Jentz would like to commend Jeff Berget for attending as many sales and Angus events as he has.

Next meeting: September 24th, 1/2 hour after the sale but before the Supreme Drive which is at 7:00pm.

Seeing no further business Jentz moved to adjourn the meeting. Tremaine seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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