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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

March 25, 2015
Wisconsin Beef Council, Madison

The meeting was called to order by President Justin Diefenbach. Those present were: Justin Diefenbach, Bart Mitchell, Jeff Berget, Brian Nodolf, Jenny Kilpatrick, Mark Schmidt, Leslie Mindemann, Courtney Jentz, Chris Thorson, Sue Finley, Glen Davis, Casey Jentz and Ardel Quam. Allison Hawthorne WJAA was on the conference call.

Secretary report: Berget moved to accept the minutes from the January meeting as presented. Nodolf seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Report given covering January through February. Mindemann moved to accept the report. Kilpatrick seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Election of officers: Diefenbach opened the floor for nominations of president. Finley nominated Diefenbach. Berget moved to close nominations and cast unanimous ballot. Quam seconded the motion and the motion carried. The floor was opened for Vice president: Berget was nominated by Mindemann. Finley moved to close nominations and cast unanimous ballot. Motion carried. Nodolf nominated Quam for secretary/treasurer. Berget moved to close nominations and cast unanimous ballot. Davis seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Old Business: Annual Meeting Diefenbach reported on the annual meeting held during the WCA Winter Conference. Mindemann liked the room. Kilpatrick would like to see something for the juniors to do during the WAA annual meeting. Kilpatrick will check dates and prices with Cranberry Lodge. The board had previously consented to try and hold the annual meeting in different locations. Diefenbach liked having the 2 groups together- but found out that it was too much for him to do in 1 weekend- was wondering if any others found this also.

State Sale: Early February C Quam & Glen Davis took Burke around the state looking at cattle. A proof of the catalog is available to b proofed during the meeting. Any corrections need to be done by tonight as the catalog will go to print. Jim Murray will provide equipment for the sale the association will need to get it to the sale site. Local advertising in the area of the state still needs to be done. Auxiliary will look at what they will be doing for food sale day. Consensus is that this is the best set of animals for sale. Davis was impressed with the animals that were nominated for the sale.

CAB & CAB: Henningfeld has been working on this. Glen Davis will talk to Dusty and will hammer out details on this.

New business: State Show in Jefferson - June 7th, Jefferson-- Mark Weigel will be the judge. Andy Mindemann will continue heading that up for at least 2015.

Farm Tech Days August 25-27 in Sun Prairie. Just getting started lining up things for the Angus booth. Sponsorship at Spring Thaw Show. Mark Schmidt moved to sponsor $100 to them. Berget seconded the motion. Carried. Affiliate membership to the WCA: Finley moved to pay the $250 for an affiliate membership. Quam seconded the motion. Carried. Committees: New committees were set up- attached sheet with listing.

Kilpatrick requested an increase in the budget for the sign and display. She would like to have a total $1250. Berget moved to add to the total. Quam seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Seeing no further business Kilpatrick moved to adjourn the meeting. Berget seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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