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Wisconsin Angus Association
Board of Directors Meeting

May 13, 2014
Wisconsin Beef Council Office

The meeting was called to order by President Justin Diefenbach. Those present were: Justin Diefenbach, Cody Quam, Dennis Schlimgen, Glen Davis, Jenny Kilpatrick, Sue Finley and Ardel Quam. Paul Nuttelman, Andy Mindemann, Dusty Henningfeld and Brian Nodolf were on the phone

Secretary report: Schlimgen moved to accept the minutes from the March meeting. C Quam seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer report: Report given covering March through April. Kilpatrick moved to accept the report. Schlimgen seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business: Annual meeting report: the Cranberry Lodge was very accommodating. Nice crowd. The WCA is looking for a new place to hold the winter conference. This might affect where we would have our annual meeting. Diefenbach would like to go back to the WCA meeting to show our support of the WCA.

Spring Sale - Average for the sale was up from the 2013 sale. New buyers registered for the sale from different areas of the state. The sale ring is still at the Jackson County fairgrounds. It has been paid for. Thirty four head went through the ring. $109,150 was the gross of the sale. Quam is continuing to work on it. Looks like the 14.2% sale expense. The common bedding was a plus worked out to less than $10 per animal. The idea to have signs made for all the sale- they then could then be given to the buyers when they settle up. Going forward for next year the Spring Thaw will move 1 week later in April because of the fairgrounds. This could conflict with the St. Croix Bull Sale. Quam will keep us abreast of what is going on with the dates.

Directory: Finley reported on the work they did. Gave it an overhaul and got a bigger issue with a record number of ads in this issue. Invoices will be sent out to those that haven't paid along with a copy of the directory. Those will be mailed out in the next week. She had some issues with camera ready ads. She would like to have that addressed before the next directory if she is doing the work.

CAB & Cab: Henningfeld had a hand out outlining what he has done. Location and time is the hard part. He is looking at a couple of places in the greater Milwaukee area that have roof top locations. Henningfeld is looking for a mission statement for either the association or for this even. Quam will help with the mission statement.

Open Preview Show: Mindemann reported on what he has lined up. Steve Wagemeister is judging. Sunday show at 9:00 am. June 8th. Will need some help lining up cattle.

Farm Tech Days: Niemann is on top of it. Diefenbach has one of the banners. Everything is a go.

New business: Proposed producer meetings: Diefenbach has kicked this idea around. UW River Falls & UW Platteville schools have gotten some sponsorship for these. He thoughts behind the idea are: ways to get out there - include members; would be something to give back to the memberships. He was looking for approval from the board. Would be open to some help and any ideas from anyone.

WCA: Diefenbach would like the WAA to work a shift at WSF. Those present agreed to do a shift.

Kilpatrick wondered if the board would look at pins to wear at functions. Conscience it is a good idea. She will get some prices to share by the next board meeting.

Angus news: Diefenbach has had some people wondering what the WAA is going to do about the changes at AAA. General thoughts were that the association really couldn't "do" anything. It was a board of directors' decision.

Committee listing: Thought of reorganizing the set up. He would like to combine some committees. Committees will be filed with the minutes.

Next meeting: July 22, 2014 Marda Angus Farms, Lodi at 7:00pm.
Seeing no further business Finley moved to adjourn the meeting. Schlimgen seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardel Quam,

Wisconsin Angus Association

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