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Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary
2005 Annual Meeting
December 4, 2004
Tommy Thompson Youth Center
West Allis, Wisconsin

The Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary was called to order by President Phyllis Tomaw. Members present were Phyllis Tomaw, Leslie Mindemann, Kathy Miller, Chris Konkel, Susan Quam, Sue Finley, and Mary Kohl.

The minutes from the 2004 Annual Meeting were read by Kathy Miller. Phyllis Tomaw made a motion to accept the minutes. Mary Kohl seconded. Motion passed. The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed by all present. Leslie Mindemann made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Mary Kohl seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business
World Beef Expo
Kathy Miller thanked everyone who helped out and brought desserts for the hospitality table. Holiday Gift Box order forms were available as well as sample Gift Boxes. The World Beef Expo committee offered to contribute $100 toward the cost of the hospitality table or provide the refreshments for the sale. The Auxiliary chose $100 and to bring in cheese, sausage and desserts, as in the past. Leslie Mindemann made a motion to donate $100 to the World Beef Expo Scholarship Program during 2005 World Beef Expo. Susan Quam seconded. Motion passed.

Holiday Gift Boxes
Susan Quam did a great job again this year organizing the gift boxes. New items were featured this year along with the cheese from Jim’s Cheese Pantry and Usinger’s CAB® sausage. Urban Processing chocolate-covered, sweetened, dried cranberries, Silver Spring horseradish, Honey Acres honey sticks, and Baraboo Candy Cow Pies were very popular. Association members should contact the Ways and Means Committee with suggestions about other Wisconsin items for next year. Gift box order forms will be available during 2005 World Beef Expo.

A wording change in the Membership Committee was acknowledged.

Ambassador Program
Mary Kohl discussed Ambassador activities during the past year and presented a 2005 budget. The queen’s term was discussed. Nothing in the bylaws limits the queen’s term, so it can be extended, if needed. There were three Ambassador applicants this year. Leslie Mindemann motioned to accept the Ambassador budget. Chris Konkel seconded. Motion passed.

Officer Elections
Election of Officers and appointments of Committee Chairpersons were held. The slate of officers are: President-Phyllis Tomaw, Vice President-Deb Kind, Secretary/Treasurer-Kathy Miller, Ambassador Chairperson-Mary Kohl, Scholarship Chairperson-Deb Kind, Ways and Means Chairpersons-Susan Quam and Keri Retallick, Membership Vice Chairperson-Chris Konkel. Other Committee Chairperson appointments will be announced.

Other Old Business
Next year, send 2005 minutes with the invitation letter.

New Business
Kathy Miller made a motion to support a Wisconsin Junior Association Leadership program with a contribution not to exceed $200. Mary Kohl seconded. Motion passed.

The deadline for the secondary scholarship will be moved to the same time as the high school application and make a cash payment since the school year will have started. Secondary scholarship applicants must have completed one year in college or technical school. Deb Kind will contact Association members for potential judges.

Leslie Mindemann motioned to offer the same amounts as last year: $800; $600; $400; three merit scholarships at $100 each; and one secondary scholarship of $500. Kathy Miller seconded. Motion passed.

Other New Business
Mary Kohl discussed signing up to work in the WJAA food booth during Spring Preview weekend.

Web site: Leslie Mindemann will assume responsibility for the Web site.

Kathy Miller motioned to adjourn the meeting. Leslie Mindemann seconded. Motion passed.


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