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2007 Annual Meeting
January 20, 2007
Deer Valley Lodge, Barneveld, Wisconsin

The Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary was called to order by President, Phyllis Tomaw. Members in attendance were Val Gaffney, Dianne Kegley, Debbie Kind, Mary Kohl, Hollie May, Kathy Miller, Leslie Mindemann, Ardel Quam, Susan Quam Eng, and Keri Retallick.

The Minutes from the 2006 Annual Meeting were reviewed by all present. Dianne Kegley made a motion to accept the minutes as printed. Hollie May seconded. Motion passed.

The 2006 Treasurer’s Report was reviewed by all present. Hollie May made a motion to accept the report as printed. Keri Retallick seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business


Mary Kohl commended the 2006 Ambassadors on their outstanding job this past year. Discussion centered on increasing interest in the program, clothing, and responsibilities in addition to the show ring. Kathy Miller made a motion for a $500 allowance for Ambassador expenses, including clothing. Keri Retallick seconded. Motion passed. The Ambassadors will purchase the clothing articles and the Auxiliary will reimburse. Leslie Mindemann made a motion to provide Miss Wisconsin Angus with an opportunity for an out-of-state trip and pay $300 towards expenses. Hollie May seconded. Motion passed. Leslie Mindemann and Dana May will assist Mary on the Ambassador Committee.


Debbie Kind will discuss the scholarship program at the WJAA Annual Meeting. Kathy Miller made a motion for the scholarship amounts to be the same as last year: one each for $800, $600, $400; three merit scholarships of $100 each; and one post-secondary scholarship for $500. Keri Retallick seconded. Motion passed. Applications need to be post-marked by March 1 and recipients will be announced prior to the State Sale March 18.

Timing for the 2008 scholarship applications will change so that recipients will be announced and recognized at the 2008 Wisconsin Angus Association Annual Meeting. The due date for 2008 scholarships will be December 31, 2007. Applications will be available at World Beef Expo. Kathy Miller made a motion for 2008 scholarship amounts to be the same as 2007. Debbie Kind seconded. Motion passed.

Futurity Sale

This year’s sale date is Sunday, March 18. The Auxiliary will sponsor the lunch stand and hold the Dessert Auction again. An informal get-together will be held in the barn Saturday night for consignors and buyers.

Holiday Cheese & Sausage

A suggestion was made to donate a gift box to the World Beef Expo silent auction with the choice of steer color and to offer gift box items during Badger Kick-Off. Kathy Miller, Hollie May, and Dianne Kegley will research additional sales opportunities.

World Beef Expo

We increased quantities last year for the Hospitality Table so food was available until the end of the sale. Leslie Mindemann discussed the World Beef Expo reorganization and volunteer activities such as working in the show ring or in the office. A suggestion was made to host breakfast for Ambassadors from other breeds.


Mary Kohl made a motion to have an Auxiliary banner made to hang at Auxiliary events. Hollie May seconded. Motion passed. The artwork that is created could be used for letterhead, pins or promotional items.


WJAA members will discuss 2007 WJAA LEAD conference at their Annual Meeting next week. If held, the Auxiliary offered to sponsor a session on interviewing and presentation skills. Kathy Miller made a motion to contribute $200 towards WJAA LEAD if it is held. Leslie Mindemann seconded. Motion passed.

New Business

Web site

Leslie Mindemann would like material for the Web site. A new area has been added to the Upcoming Events page for Personal News. Send Leslie personal news items that can be be posted. Permission will be required for posting. Membership forms for all three organizations could be posted on the Web site as well as the Auxiliary membership list.

Jefferson Lunch Stand

The lunch stand during WLBA weekend is a good fundraiser, but lots of manpower is needed from Friday night through Sunday during the time that families are busy caring for their cattle. A suggestion was made to split proceeds between WJAA and the Auxiliary in order to increase the pool of workers. Kathy Miller will discuss the food stand with the WJAA at their Annual Meeting next week.

Officer Elections and Committee Chairs

Election of officers and appointment of committee chairs was held. The slates of officers are: President-Debbie Kind; Vice President-Kathy Miller; Secretary/Treasurer-Chris Konkol; Ambassador Chair-Mary Kohl; Ways and Means Chairs-Keri Retallick and Susan Quam Eng.

Wisconsin Angus Association Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held at The Pines in Poynette on Saturday, January 27. The WJAA Meeting will begin at 11:00 and the WAA Meeting at 2:00. WJAA members will provide child care during the Association Meeting. A banquet will be held after the meetings with a social hour beginning at 5:00 and dinner at 6:00.

Leslie Mindemann made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kathy Miller seconded. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Miller

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