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Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary
2015 Annual Meeting

February 21, 2015
Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells

The 2015 annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary was called to order by President Mary Kohl. Members present were Leslie Mindemann, Val Gaffney, Kathy Miller, Becky Henderson, Heidi Peterson, Kim Hawthorne, and Amy Beisbier. Also in attendance were Ambassadors Kori Beisbier, Claire Hawthorne, and Queen Allison Hawthorne.

Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting were reviewed. Val Gaffney made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Kathy Miller. Motion passed.

The 2014 Financial Report was reviewed. With no questions or comments Becky Henderson moved to accept the Financial Report, seconded by Val Gaffney. Motion passed.

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee: The Auxiliary offers graduating High School senior scholarship for each gender up to four places, $1,000, $750, $500, $200, and two Continuing Education scholarships of $750 and $250. The first place Continuing Education is a once per lifetime scholarship. The second place may reapply. Leslie Mindemann reported that she received three High School applications, all girls, Allison Hawthorne, Alexis Timmel, and Kori Beisbier. Places will be announced and presented during the WAA Annual Meeting.

Ambassador Committee: Committee members Leslie Mindemann and Mary Kohl reported that Allison Hawthorne, our 2014 Wisconsin Angus Queen, oversaw the group of ten Ambassadors in 2014. Ambassadors helped at the spring sale and summer shows. Kim, Allison, and Claire Hawthorne worked with Classic Leather Designs to create a new leather sash. The old Miss Wisconsin Angus sash, in service since 1999, will be auctioned in the WAA Silent Auction. Allison will be presented with a scholarship and leather satchel as a gift during the WAA Annual Meeting where Kori Beisber will be introduced as our 2015 Wisconsin Angus Queen.

Activities Committeee: Looking into a membership recruitment activity, Becky Henderson reported she found support for hosting a wine and painting class. There is a studio near here with a fun and entertaining artist. Each participant paints her own canvas as directed by the artist. We would be welcome to bring our own wine or beverages. The cost is $35-40 per person. On their website each participant can reserve their space and pay directly. After discussion, Val Gaffney made a motion to host a painting party on Saturday May 16, with the Auxiliary making the $175 reservation deposit, and reimbursing Becky Henderson who will provide beverages for the class and social gathering after. Seconded by Becky Henderson. Motion passed. Becky offered to host a social after at her home. She and Leslie will work out the details and create and invitation to all members.
The activities committee was also challenged to come up with an Auxiliary activity during World Beef Expo.

Ways & Means Committee:
Cheese & Sausage Gift Boxes - Kathy Miller reported that the cheese and sausage gift boxes were a success generating $402.06 in profit for 2014 sales. Many of last year's customers reordered and she also received several new orders from solicitation of the American Angus Auxiliary board members. Ways to expand sales included gifting AAA Board members with an order form included; soliciting larger breeders; donating to the Foundation Auction during NJAS. While Kathy manages this project on her own, she welcomes anyone wishing to help at her home putting boxes together for shipment. Kathy is willing to continue managing this project for 2015.
State Sale Food Stand - After discussion, Becky Henderson made a motion to replace the Auxiliary food stand at the state sale with a hospitality offering available to consignors during the afternoon and after 4pm for sale attendees. Seconded by Kathy Miller. Motion passed.
Desert Auction - Kim Hawthorne volunteered to coordinate the desert auction. She said we were a little light on donors last year and was grateful that some members brought more than one desert.

New Business:
Membership and communications – In lieu of a membership committee, the officers will work together to coordinate and improve communication through Facebook, Email and the Newsletter.
A suggestion was made to develop an Auxiliary Facebook page and/or Auxiliary gmail account - to be taken under consideration.
It was approved by the group to post membership on the page, including name; member status; farm name; and city. If someone was looking to communicate with you they could find contact information on the Member page.
Active members are asked to review the list in order to identify and update life member status.

Leslie Mindemann brought to the attention of the group that the WJAA will be hosting a Mini-LEAD conference in April. For the 2013 conference the Auxiliary donated $200 toward the Sunday breakfast. Kim Hawthorne made a motion to donate $200 toward the WJAA Mini-LEAD conference. Seconded by Heidi Peterson. Motion passed.

Discussion was held to change the time and venue for the Annual Meeting. Attendance is difficult on the same day as the WJAA and WAA Annual Meetings due to the early time and length of 3 meetings during the day. The Auxiliary also would like to hold interviews for the Ambassador and Continuing Education Scholarship programs at a time when the juniors are most available. Thus time constraints on this day are an issue. A suggestion was made to change the date and location of the annual meeting to Saturday, mid-day, during World Beef Expo. After review of the by-laws it was determined that the officers may select the day, time, and location.

Election of Officers:

President – Mary Kohl nominated Leslie Mindemann from the floor. Becky Henderson moved to close nominations and vote by unanimous ballot. Seconded by Heidi Peterson. Motion passed.
Vice President – Leslie Mindemann nominated Becky Henderson for the position. Leslie Mindemann moved to close nominations and vote by unanimous ballot. Seconded by Val Gaffney. Motion passed.
Secretary / Treasurer - Kim Hawthorne nominated Val Gaffney. Kim Hawthorne moved to close nominations and vote by unanimous ballot. Seconded by Becky Henderson. Motion passed.

Following a request from Val Gaffney, Becky Henderson made a motion that Leslie Mindemann manage the finances for the Auxiliary as an assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer. Seconded by Kim Hawthorne. Motion passed.

Following no further business, Leslie Mindemann moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Kathy Miller.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Mindemann
On behalf of Renee Radcliffe, Secretary/Treasurer

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