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Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary
2014 Annual Meeting

March 8, 2014
Wetlands Restaurant, Three Bears Lodge, Warrens, WI

The 2014 Annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary was called to order by President Mary Kohl at 10:20am March 8, 2014. Members in attendance: Kathy Miller, Kim Hawthorne, Kimberly Diefenbach,Amy VanderMark, Kelly Green, Tara Harper, Lexi Harper, Lora Henning, Suzanne Henning, Deb Kind, Jessica Radcliffe, Renee Radcliffe, Leslie Mindmann, Mary Kohl, Minutes of 2013 Annual meeting accepted as printed. VanderMark/Miller moved & second. Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report: Checking Balance $6899.04 Passbook savings $4342.42 Certificate of Deposit $4738.42maturing 7/25/2014 Total Assets $15979.88 Passbook savings were combined into CD at First Citizens Bank in Feb 2014. Green/Mindemann moved/second to accept Treasurer's report as printed. Motion carried.
Moved and second by Miller/Hawthorne to transfer accounts to Associated Bank for easier access by present and future treasurers. Motion Carried. Radcliffe will change banks when CD matures in July 2014.

Old Business
Fund Raising: Kathy Miller
Cheese boxes: Net income was $360 about the same as last year. Kathy stated we have a group of repeat customers who order each year at Christmas. Besides the Angus cheese she offers Hereford, white face, red and belted cheese. Word of mouth has been most cost effective advertising, ads run in directory and other places have not paid for themselves. Kim Hawthorne volunteered to put together a flyer to print and post various places. Kathy would also like to try a facebook post.
State Sale Food stand: Kathy felt new location at Black River Falls was fine with a nice facility to work in but felt the evening format of the sale caused a decrease in food sales. All the food she used was donated so we had no cost but only sold half the food as other years. Offered BBQ, Shredded Beef Sandwich and Hot dogs. There was another food stand on the grounds in another building. Discussed discontinuing because many WAUx members would be unable to attend in 2014. Kathy was willing to do it again with help of 1 or 2 people with half the food of last year, start serving at noon and stop just prior to start of auction. Kimberly Diefenbach also volunteered to help.
Dessert auction did very well. Packaging of dessert helps with sale. Kim Hawthorne & Deb Kind volunteered to help with 2014 auction.

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee: Leslie Mindemann reported that one High school scholarship application was received for this year and it was awarded to Mikayla Kind. There were no applicants for the high school boy scholarship or post secondary scholarship. Moved and second by Green/Radcliffe to offer effective for 2015 high school scholarships of $1000, $750, $500 per gender and rename the Post Secondary Scholarship to Continuing Education Scholarship of one time $750 for top application and a $250 second place scholarship recipient who would be eligible to reapply the next year. Motion Carried.
Ambassador/ Miss Wisconsin Angus Committee: Kohl/Mindemann reported that Ambassador & Miss Wisconsin Angus program ran smoothly and seemed to work well having Miss Wisconsin Angus coordinate the ambassadors. Allison Hawthorne has been selected to serve as the 2014 Miss Wisconsin Angus. Embroidered vests provided as official dress for the ambassadors seemed to work well. Miss Wisconsin Angus Scholarship award of $500 will be presented to Suzanne Henning.
Need to clarify awarding of LEAD grants for ambassadors as was unclear in 2013 amount we would award. Moved/second by Mindemann/Hawthorne to award two $200 LEAD grants per year for ambassadors who apply. An ambassador would be eligible to receive the grant one time and recipients would be selected by the state sale. Motion carried.
Moved and second by Radcliffe/VanderMark to award $200 to the two ambassadors who applied in 2013, Suzanne Henning and Allison Hawthorne. Motion carried.

Estimate of costs per year for Ambassador Program:
$500 Miss Wisconsin Angus Scholarship, $400 LEAD grants, $120 Tiara, discussed exchanging vests if ambassadors grow out of theirs and vests are in good condition.

New Business
Discussed ideas for a group activity during state fair or World Beef Expo to encourage a more active membership. Will continue to explore ideas.
Seeing no further business, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Renee Radcliffe

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