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Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary
2011 Annual Meeting

February 11, 2012
Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells

The 2012 Annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary was called to order by President Kathy Miller at 10:30am February 11, 2012. Members in attendance: Becky Henderson, Mia Bayer, Heidi Pederson, Jessica Radcliffe, Renee Radcliffe, Leah Mindemann, Leslie Mindmann, Phyllis Tomah, Calli Bayer, Mary Kohl.

Minutes of 2011 Annual meeting accepted as printed. Henderson/Kohl moved & second. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Mia Bayer/Leslie Mindemann moved/second. Motion passed to accept Treasurer’s report as printed.

Scholarship Committee: Mary Kohl reported that two scholarship applications were received for this year. One high school boy, Luke Tremaine, and one post-secondary application, Ty Bayer. There were no applicants for the high school girl scholarship.
Ways & Means Committee: Kathy Miller reported the main fund raiser is the lunch stand at the state sale along with the dessert auction. Last year(2011) the auction and lunch stand did very well. This year the Auxiliary will again be doing the lunch stand however the sale will be in a new format where the sale will be held Saturday evening.  Since the beef sundaes didn’t go well last year and with the new sale format it was decided to serve just sandwiches this year. Leslie Mindemann suggested providing an award for the top dessert auction item, she also agreed to provide a gift the winner.
Cheese and sausage sale went well profiting $308.
Shirts and Promotional Items-there are still a few left and will try to sell and/or donate for the silent auction at WAA Annual meeting.

Ambassador/ Miss Wisconsin Angus Committee: Mary Kohl reported that there were no applicants for 2012 Miss Wisconsin Angus. Committee will contact Emma Berget, who served as 2011 Miss Wisconsin Angus and see if she would be willing to serve again. Moved by Henderson/second Radcliffe to award $100 merit award to Emma for her service as Miss Wisconsin Angus. Motion Carried.

Current ambassadors are Allison and Claire Hawthorne, Derek Horstmeyer, Mikayla Kind.

Considerable discussion followed on revamping and encouraging involvement in the Miss Wisconsin Angus/Ambassador program. Mary Kohl suggested reforming the committee to look into the program to encourage more participation. Mary Kohl, Leslie Mindemann and Becky Henderson volunteered to make up that committee. Suggestions from membership included adding a merit based award for years of service, a $500 scholarship, opening program to youth of either sex and more of an ambassador rather than “Miss Wisconsin Angus”, set mandatory requirements which must be fulfilled by person before being awarded the scholarship or merit award.

Moved by Leslie Mindemann/second Henderson to open to members of either sex. Motion passed.
Moved by Leslie Mindemann/second Henderson to award $500 scholarship to Miss Wisconsin Angus (or equivalent person) based on performance and a Merit award to princess/ambassador (merit award to be determined by discretion of the committee). Motion Passed.

American Angus Auxiliary Regional Director Report: Leslie Mindemann reported the Angus Gift Barn is looking for suggestions for items to carry and if anyone has ideas to let her know. There will also be a women’s conference April 14-16, 2012.

World Beef Expo Hospitality Table: discussed change in sale format to coliseum and how that makes it hard to provide a hospitality area as in the past. It was suggested to talk the Wisconsin Angus Association sale committee and see if it would be possible to have an Angus sale cattle display area and have a hospitality table there.

Other Old Business: Mia Bayer suggested changing the scholarship applications to a word document. The current application can’t be saved while applicants are filling it out. It was agreed to update the application.

2012 Projects: Leslie Mindemann suggested the auxiliary do an etiquette workshop at future LEAD conference, host a workshop on record keeping, applying for scholarships, how to apply for the bronze, silver and gold Angus Awards or make a list of any scholarships available to juniors and post it on the website. These could be done at LEAD conference or possibly World Beef Expo. Mia Bayer, Leah Mindemann & Leslie Mindemann volunteered to form a committee.

Seeing no further new business Becky Henderson moved/ Mia Bayer second to adjourn meeting at 11:50am. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Renee Radcliffe

Wisconsin Angus Association

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