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Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary
2011 Annual Meeting

February 12, 2011
Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells

The meeting was called to order by President, Kathy Miller. In attendance were Kathy Miller, Mary Kohl, Leslie Mindemann, Phyllis Tomaw, Keri Retallick, Keli Retallick, Kim Hawthorne, and Renee Radcliff.

Minutes were read from the 2010 meeting. K. Retallick made a motion to accept the minutes. R. Radcliff seconded the motion. L. Mindemann noted that her name should be added as an attendee in 2010. Minutes were approved with correction.

Treasurer's report was read. Amend for beginning balance, apparel and scholarship correction. L. Mindemann motioned to approve the report. P. Tomaw seconded. Treasurer's report approved with the corrections.

Committee Reports:
Scholarship Committee: There were 2 high school applicants this year and one post-secondary applicant: Jessica Radcliff received $800, Calli Bayer received $600. Keli Retallick received the post-secondary scholarship for $500. It was discussed that at the 2008 meeting it was decided not to vary amounts of scholarship awards, L. Mindemann made a motion that for the next annual meeting, scholarship amounts should be voted on. R. Radcliff seconded the motion with leaving the amounts where they are for now. Discussed ensued. Motion was approved.

Keli Retallick made an appeal for a grant to the Grant Count Livestock Judging Team to participate in the Royal Highland Judging Competition in Scotland. R. Radcliff moved for a grant of $300 which was amended to $500. L. Mindemann seconded. Motion was approved.

Gift Box Report: K. Miller discussed gift boxes. Will not do a mailing next year. Replace Box #2 with a "Kick-Off Box" with more profit. We will not advertise in the directory this year.

Miss Wisconsin Angus: Emma Berget was the only applicant for the Miss Wisconsin Angus position. Ambassador positions will be filled by Alison and Claire Hawthorne, Mikayla Kind and Derek Horstmeyer.

American Angus Auxiliary Director Report: L. Mindemen gave a report on the American Angus Auxiliary and the various things they are doing.

Futurity Sale: April 16, 2011, the Auxiliary will be running the food stand and will have shirts and promotional items out.

It was decided that an Oxford shirt would be put in the silent auction for the Wisconsin Angus Association annual meeting today.

Beef Expo Hospitality Table: It was discussed that Kim Johnson wants to run the sales continuously; discussion ensued regarding the hospitality table.

Officer Elections:
Kathy Miller: President, unanimous ballot, L. Mindemann motioned; C Konkol seconded; Motion carried.
Mary Kohl: Vice President, unanimous ballot, L. Mindemann motioned, R. Radcliff seconded;
Renee Radcliff: Secretary/Treasurer, unanimous ballot, P. Tomaw motioned, M. Kohl seconded, motion carried.

Wisconsin Angus Association Foundation: The Auxiliary seat will be replaced this year and the Secretary/Treasurer position will be open.

2011 Projects and New Business: When kids who are under WJAA minimum age are helping in the show ring, they need to be accompanied by a parent.

M. Kohl motioned to adjourn the meeting. P. Tomaw seconded. Motion carried.

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