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Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary
2010 Annual Meeting

January 23, 2010
Cranberry Lodge, Tomah, WI

The annual meeting of the Wisconsin Angus Auxiliary was held at the Cranberry Lodge, Tomah, WI. The meeting was called to order by Kathy Miller. Present were: Kathy Miller, Kelsi Retallick, Keri Retallick, Phyllis Tomaw, Jan Horstmeyer, Mary Kohl, Renee Radcliff, Chris Konkol, and Shannon Horstmeyer.

The annual meeting minutes from the 2009 meeting were presented. K. Retallick made a motion to accept the minutes. R. Radcliff seconded. Motion carried.

The Treasurer's report was presented. R. Radcliff made a motion to accept the report. P. Tomaw seconded. Motion carried.

Committee Reports
Ambassador: A motion was made to give a $100 merit award to Kelsey Konkol for queen duties. K. Retallick made the motion. P. Tomaw seconded. Motion carried. It was discussed that Mikalya Kind would be raised to princess status due to the lack of a queen candidate this year. Mary Kohl said she would discuss it with her.

Scholarship: There were three applicants, two high school and one post-secondary. Ty Bayer will receive the first place award, Kelsey Konkol second place, and Bailey Quam post-secondary. It was discussed that information about the scholarship program would be added on the directory page for the Auxiliary.

Ways & Means: Will be running the lunch stand at the Futurity Sale. The Chili Feed at 2009 World Beef Expo did not happen. There were too many road blocks to us having a successful Chili Feed.

New Business:
Leslie Mindemann gave a report on the American Angus Auxiliary annual meeting. She is the Regional Director for the American Angus Auxiliary and covers 6 states. She presented a report covering their various projects, participation and dues, etc.

The annual meeting for the American Angus Auxiliary was held in Louisville; and our organization donated a door prize.

Shirts and promotional items: There has been little interest. Most people would rather have their own farm name on their apparel.

2010 projects were discussed.

Other new business: None

Other discussions: Membership concerns: It was discussed that Kathy Miller and Dianne Kegley will not run for re-election. Other candidates will need to be found.

K. Miller motioned to adjourn the meeting. M. Kohl seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Konkol

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